Monday, June 15, 2009

Trash to Treasure: Packaging the Family Flag Project

Family Wish Flag Project

I had a fantastic weekend! My dear friend Lisa celebrated her birthday by treating a bunch of her girlfriends to dinner at the Melting Pot. It was my first time there and -YUM! I felt so blessed to be spoiled on my friend's birthday! Thank you, thank you Lisa!

Lisa's parties are always awesome and she is always the giver on her birthday. Last year's party was an Oprah style "Favorite Things Give-Away" theme. My gift to her followed the theme and was a basket of my favorite things.

This year, due to her hectic schedule*, her party was planned kind of last minute however, inspiration fell into place with this gift in such a perfect way.

This was my thought process for this year's gift:

1. Lisa is a big believer in the power of positive intentions and was the first I knew to have an inspiration board.

2. So, when I saw this post on Maya Made about a family Garden Wish Flag it caught my attention, but alas, Lisa doesn't garden.

3. Then, I remembered seeing a post on Junie Moon about her Prayer Flag Project. At the time I was deeply touched by the idea of this project.

4. All things considered I decided that the gift would be a make your own Family Wish Flag Kit!

Easy peasy!

I sewed a very simple banner with seven rectangles. I simply sewed along the edges to control the fraying a bit and sewed them to ribbon. They are about 5"X 7".

Family Flag Packaging Front

I cleaned up my chocolate bunny packaging. (I had tossed this in with my gift wrap thinking I could use it somehow. Forever trash to treasure!) I typed up a logo on Word and used contact paper to adhere it to the box.

I included package of fabric markers and a small note of "directions" that gave a brief history of Tibetan Prayer Flags.

Family Flag Packaging Back

You can click on the photo to enlarge the text.

What was really a very inexpensive and simple gift seemed so much more polished because of the packaging. Having a small stash of old packaging to work with at home made it easy to put together a nice gift in no time.

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*PS- Why was Lisa so busy? She tripled her business in May! In this economy! If you need any marketing help- Lisa is your go-to-guide!


Maridith said...

What a beautiful and sentimental gift!! I love this idea!! I know she will treasure it. What a great friend you are!

Nutsy Coco said...

That's a great idea! A wonderful, heartfelt gift :)

Christy said...

A fabulous gift! Very creative of you Jane. And I love that you recycled your chocolate bunny packaging. :)

Kimm at Reinvented said...

What a great gift, and an awesome example of creative repurposing! Thanks for linking up!