Thursday, June 18, 2009

Junk Party!

Today is the Junk Party at Me & My House!

You know that expression "getting caught with your pants down?" Well, that was me literally the other day and figuratively today. I can't believe I am unprepared for the junk party!

Oh sure I have lots of junk projects in the works, but nothing that is show and tell worthy at this point.

I did however, get a lucky feeling in the pit of my stomach the other day as I drove past my thrift. God Bless! This new Goodwill store is in a swanky neighborhood (within spitting distance of an Anthropology) and it shows! I keep finding great stuff!

Thrifty Treasures
I guess green is the color of luck.

Here we have a full box (1 dozen) of never been touched awesome smelling Bayberry green candles from Mole Hollow. $1.99 normally $22!

A very cute wall tin thing from Anthro. $1.99

A little green vase. $1.99

And, my favorite another Urban Outfitters canvas with the price still on it! ($30!) $9.99

If you are looking for ideas for junk rehab here are a few from my past:

Old sweaters made into baby sweater and scarf
Magazine wrapping paper and bridesmaids dress gift bags
Framed Christmas Records
Cabinets into play kitchens

I am looking forward to seeing everyone's junk!


Embellished Bayou said...

Great finds! You're lucky to have a "designer" thrift shop! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

~~Carol~~ said...

Hello, today is my first Junk Party! Lucky you, because you found some cute things. I like that tin, and that canvas is really pretty. I never find anything at Goodwill!

Me & My House said...

Jane! I am in love with the hanging tin! And Anthropology? You are my BFF! I LOVE that place! I have to shop online though since we are in HI now...none of that here! Thanks so much for joining in on the junk party! I love it!

Brenda said...

I have never been within a stone's throw of an Anthropology. Sigh. We don't have any around here. You got some great stuff though!

foxxy said...

I want to go shopping with you. Cool finds. Love the tin basket.

Marie said...

Hello Jane - fabulous finds! Thank you for sharing.


Kristal said...

Love your snags at GW!! The tin is awesome. And I am totally excited about the link for the sweaters for babies. I have a very old wool sweater that has shrunk but can't bear to part with it. I actually hung it in the closet for my baby girl, but now I would love to use this idea!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Look forward to visiting with you lots more times :0)

Together We Save said...

Great finds. You are an amazing shopper.

Riverwood Primitives said...

Great finds! Green is my favorite color.