Monday, June 29, 2009

True Thrifty Savings: Greeting Cards

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Most of the time when I go to thrift stores I don't buy things I really need. Usually I buy decor items. While I get them at a fabulous price, I am not actually saving money because I never would have bought the item at full price. At $28 originally, I would have lived without an Anthropology dog dinner sign.

One area I have truly saved a ton of money is with greeting cards. I used to love shopping for greeting cards and really enjoy finding the right card for each occasion, but I found that it really added up quickly. I think inflation has hit the greeting card industry the hardest.

Several times since I have started thrifting in the past two years, I have found bags of greeting cards for a dollar or two. This weekend I was busy with a retirement party, but I managed to sneak into my favorite thrift store for a quick run through. I found a bag of greeting cards for $1.29. I could only see the top card through the bag, but I liked it well enough. At the current price of greeting cards, just using one card would still be a good deal. Turns out there were about 30 cards in the bag and most of them were keepers. I feel like I actually made money!

What practical items do you regularly find at thrift stores?

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welovetucker said...

I agree with you about inflation hitting the greeting card industry the highest! I totally buy greeting cards, and anything I can paint and make cute. Thanks for sharing!