Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Laugh With Me

What's missing from this picture?
Primer on fridge
That would be me- standing in only a t-shirt and underwear painting the fridge... when our building manager walked in. AKKK!

Fortunately it was a big shirt. Fortunately he was distracted by the fact that I was painting the fridge and Cliff jumped in front of me pretty quick. It was so awkward! If I could have crawled into the fridge I sure would have!

I decided to paint the fridge. (The wallpaper was good, but it really started to get frayed around the edges at the one year mark.) I figured I would paint in just the old t-shirt before I showered. Less clothes to ruin with paint spatters.

The building manager called to say that a package had arrived. Cliff went down to get it, but Ernie had the box on a dolly and backed right into the apartment before Cliff could do anything.

Embarrassing as it was, he was there to deliver a box of Omaha Steaks from my in-laws! That did help to ease the pain a bit.

Finished fridge reveal on Friday. Say that ten times fast.


Nutsy Coco said...

I definitely laughed with you after reading that story!

Bear Bunch said...

LOL Visitors always seems to show up at the wrong times.

Jennifer said...

Hilarious! Can't wait to see the finish product!

That's Who I Am said...

You are incredibly talented. I love the play kitchen/stove..WOW. and I can't wait to see the finished product of the fridge.

Brett and Em Randall said...

hello! I came across your blog on a friends and loved all the cute projects you do! have a great day!

jodi said...

That is funny. Can't wait to see the "new" fridge.

terri cheney said...

Honey I can so identify! I live in the country and have less reason to expect visitors than most. So the other morning, I had a lot of hot and sweaty housework to do, and I wanted to color my hair. Why shower? I just stayed in the my very thin nightgown and did my work. I bopped out onto the back deck to hang up the wet mop and there stood two men, one of whom looked away very politely, and the other who leered madly. I was frightened, embarassed and upset. They were here to clean my propane gas tank.

I haven't moved so fast in years! I got back in the house and snapped the locks shut on the door and didn't go back outside.

However, silver lining...My husband finally bought into the idea I needed a watchdog. So he brought home a six week old puppy,lol.