Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Using Up Stuff

Crunchy Chicken is hosting a no shopping challenge for the month of April. Ordinarily, I would be all over the challenge. Any other month, I would have looked forward to the extra incentive and motivation to save some money. However, (insert whining voice) it's my vacation and I'll shop if I want to!

I did seriously consider the challenge for all of three minutes. Then I came to my senses.

My dear friend Kate is coming to visit. Kate has been my personal stylist since before I moved to the land of personal stylists. And, since I haven't been shopping with her in five years, I am in dire straits. I am almost to the point where someone could nominate me for "What Not To Wear." Hmm on second thought, that would be great.

Shortly after reading Crunchy Chicken's post about not shopping, I happened upon Rebecca's post on using what she has and not much.

I may have overreacted a bit in her comments when I started quoting Kenny Roger's.

Still, she was a good influence on me. I could have spent my first day of freedom shopping for all sorts of goodies, but I stayed home and used up some of the stuff in my stash.

Wool Sweaters for Felting

Here are some wool sweaters I found in Jet Rag's $1 pile. My idea today was to start the cupcake project. The cream sweater is a really nice weight and gauge. I am not sure, but it may even be cashmere. It feels like the red sweater that is cashmere. Much of it is badly stained, but on second inspection, there were some large patches on the back that were not stained.

It just so happens that the new craft book, that I thrifted earlier in the week, has directions for recycling an adult sweater.

Baby Sweater

I was really tempted to put it aside and wait until I could get some velvet ribbon like in the book. But, then I remembered all the "use what you have" and "make do with less" messages I have been reading lately. I used just the satin ribbon from my stash and made it all very simple.

This made up pretty easily and I can see how the pattern could be resized for bigger children. Actually, it is very similar to a jacket in Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing. I am glad to have practiced another baby shower/ gift option. Not only do I like to make gifts, but it has really helped me to save money. Mostly, because if I am home making a gift, I am not out buying myself any gifts!


Sarah and Jack said...

What book is that?

I am so tempted to try and make Jack a sweater this way.

Rebecca said...

So cute! Doesn't it feel good to use stuff from the stash? (Though please, it's your vacay, YOU MUST SHOP. I order you.) I tried making mittens out of a sweater once. They looked like lobster claws LOL

misskp said...

Oh, what a cute sweater! I love to "save" things from the thrift stores and turn them into something else!

lera said...

That little cardigan is darling!!! I've seen something similar to that on Martha Stewart. I've been wanting to try it. I just can't find a thrifted sweater worthy of it :-)