Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Enough "Art", Let's Talk About Shopping

Inspired by Ms. Thrify Goodness herself, I went out thrifting while on vacation. Before blogging, I wouldn't have thought to do that. Gotta say, it's much more of an adventure than the obvious tourist traps. And, much more in line with my budget than the Canyon Road Galleries.

First off, there just so happened to be a thrift store right across the street from La Posada, in Winslow, AZ.

Thrift Finds From Santa Fe Trip

For just a buck twenty-five I snapped up the brass tray, pine cone candle sticks and the embroidery hoops. There was a lot more good stuff, but time was of the essence.

At Christmas my cousin told me of her son's strong desire to have himself some cowboy boots. I saw these cuties for $5! I called her right away to see if they would fit him. He's just two, but he is a moose! Using my hand as a ruler, we figured out that all four of her kids can wear these either now or eventually. Yippy- Ki- Yo! Bargain boots for us all!

At a fancy French gift shop downtown I saw this Vera Bradley bag and vowed to find some sort of basket bag for Barb's current Purse Challenge. This white basket weave bag was filthy, but for $2 it was worth a try to make it respectable. I also picked up a linen napkin and a pretty scarf. The Lucky Bingo Chips are magnetic and I plan to use them as math counters at school. I figure a magnet will make for easy clean up.

Some Vintage Sheets From Santa Fe GoodWill

These vintage sheets had to come home with me. I see many more knotted totes in my future. Which is good, because I have big plans for a sale to raise money for missions at my church.

Books Thrifted in Santa Fe

Books are my thrift store kryptonite. Some of these are for me, some are for the classroom, and some are for Cliff. We enjoyed 10 Contemporary Polish Short Stories on the way home. Of course, "contemporary" is relative. The book was published in 1958! The book Make A Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices is a real score because we have used that book many times in Language Arts Cadre and I have been meaning to get it for a while.

My last stop was the Arch Mart Gift & Thrift Shoppe in Needles, CA. I had spied it out of the corner of my eye on the way to Denny's. Really, this place was a bigger deal than finding Spike's doghouse, but they were closed on Monday. So we checked back on the way home. That Cliff is a loving man.

Thrift Shop in Needles, CA

I knew it was going to be great!

I got this 1960's gossip rag which will have it's own blog post.

Needles, CA Thrift Finds

My best thrifty find was this little cup. I also love these little flower place cards and the fact that everything was wrapped in the popcorn bags. I'm going to reuse those as gift wrap later.

I could have bought tons more but, I was out of cash. It's just as well. This week spring cleaning starts. I have to reinstate the "in/out" policy. I have been pretty heavy on the "in" side of things.

Funny thing is, the apartment hasn't grown along with my collections.


Heidi said...

Great stuff! Thrifting on the Road is so much fun! I'd far rather shop the thrifts than the overpriced gift shops. I love that little mug! He's adorable. :)

Nutsy Coco said...

Those are some great finds! Although after reading " Winslow, AZ" I couldn't get Tori Amos out of my head. I always think of that song when I see those words.

Handi Dandi Mandi said...

woo hoo, what fabulous finds!

Rebecca said...

SCORE! I always pack and empty bag when I go away to bring home my treasures. )

I love the pinecone candle holders! Very cute. And I can't wait to read about the magazine. Oh and I see "Summer Sisters" among your book stash. I read it years ago and loved it. I think I'll pick it up again. It's a great "beach read."