Sunday, April 13, 2008

Romantic Inns of The South West

We've gotten a lot of advice over the last three years. One of the most common suggestions is, "Take a romantic vacation."

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La Posada Hotel
(Winslow, AZ) just happened to be just the right distance between LA and Santa Fe for our first night of travel.

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It had everything we like in an inn: charm, history, attention to details and a terrific restaurant.

The owner and his wife, artist Tina Minon, lovingly rescued La Posada from certain ruin and have restored her to her former glory. Her rich history has been celebrated.

Art at La <span class=

Tina Minon's varied and fascinating paintings cover the walls and the inn is her gallery. Some of her works are in the Smithsonian. La Posada is also home to art she has collected on her world travels. As a gallery, it's very eclectic. "It's Always the Butler" was my favorite painting. Cliff loved this one. I thought it was, interesting, funny even, but terrible feng shui!

Jackie O at La <span class=

La Posada continues to be a working train station. One would think that the many trains passing would be annoying, but actually there is a certain rhythm to train rumbles that is similar to the ocean.

Train Outside Hotel Window

The guest rooms were simply furnished with some antiques. Each room was named after a former famous guest of the Inn. We stayed in the "Lionel Barrymore" room.

In the adjoining room, the "Amelia Erhart", Vern and Ethel were also enjoying La Posada's many graces.

We couldn't help but hear their discussion of evening television and their plans for the coming day. Unfortunately, their snoring and coughing was not as rhythmic as the trains. When we turned off the lights Cliff summed it up like this:

"I don't feel as if my grandparents are in the next room, I feel like they are right in this room!"

"Gram and Grams" had a few ideas of La Posada. In their words:

Ehtel- "Oh! I'm up!"

Vern- AKKK! Cough! Hack! "What time is it?"

Ethel- "Six AM. I hear they have a complimentary coffee bar downstairs from 6:30 -9:00."

Vern- AKKKK! Hack! Cough!

Ethel- "I am going to take a shower."

Vern- AAAGGGHHHH! Hack! Hack! ( At this point Cliff looks at me with crazed eyes.)

Ethel- "Hey! There's a little clock in this hair dryer!"

Vern- "Ak! Ak! Hack! Cooooouuuuuugggghhhh!

Ethel- "You know Vern, one thing I have to say for this place is, they are so up front about their rates. There is no guessing. A standard room is $99 for everyone. Says so right here on the door."

Vern- HACK! Cough! Akkk!

My advice, if you are ever "standing on a corner in Winslow, AZ," go see La Posada. Pay $3 for their self guided tour book. Wander the rooms, enjoy the art and the gardens. Be sure to enjoy a meal at the Turquoise Room- the food and service are excellent!

Then, go down the road to the Comfort Inn.

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That is so funny. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.