Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thrifting: A Revolving Door

New Things From Old

This "button" came from an old text book I found at school. At some point in the 70's/80's the third graders had a whole chapter in their basil reader about repurposing things. How groovy!

Anyway, I have too much stuff and not enough space. Yadda, yadda, I know most of us have this problem. Except that I am really disabled when it comes to managing stuff and organizing everything in small spaces. My closet has been the biggest problem.

I remember reading this post at The Lazy Organizer. It's about how Lara took away her daughter's toys again and again until she had whittled her things down to just what she could keep picked up. This made her daughter happy. Lara discovered that her daughter managed better and was happier with less stuff.

I think I am the same way. I just can not manage a lot of clothes. I only wear a fraction of the stuff I have anyway. So, I enlisted Cliff to be judge and jury. I gave him many fashion shows and we whittled my wardrobe down to just the best stuff. The rest went to Goodwill. It was amazing how many things I had that Cliff couldn't remember me ever wearing.

My favorite khaki's didn't make the cut.

Cliff felt that they were too faded.

Parting was too painful, so I made them into a bag.

Does My But Look Big Bag

It's a bit wonky because of the curved waistband. The inside is one of the sheets from the Santa Fe thrift trip. I am going to add it to the craft show in November at my church.

Oh, and I guess in honor of disclosure, I should mention that I happened to *peek* inside of the Goodwill when I was dropping off the huge blue IKEA bag full of clothes and other assorted household items. And, I found a few things that wanted to come home with me.

Nobody warned me about how addictive this thrifting business could be!


Heidi said...

I am SO impressed with your bag! Wow! That's an awesome design! I bet that will be a seller for sure! :)

Sarah and Jack said...

That bag is SUPER SUPER cute.

And thank you for the sweater pattern.

Christy said...

Thrifting is totally addictive! I think a lot of it is the "thrill of the hunt". And never knowing what you'll find.

The bag is really cute. It's so fun to repurpose clothing.

Ellen said...

How creative and cute. I've got to try making something like this. I like saving fabric from old clothing, especially dresses and skirts. I cut quilt squares out them.