Saturday, April 19, 2008

IKEA Saves A Marriage

I have a note pad that says, "I'm not messy, I'm creative!" I have been very "creative" lately. Has to do with the whole not working thing. Cliff came in the bedroom and said, "Looks like a third world sweat shop in here. You should post a picture of this on your blog."

For Brooklynne

Cliff is very neat. And, not just in the groovy, interesting to hang out with way. He actually folds his t-shirts like the Gap.

In this marriage, he's Felix and I'm Oscar.

A Spare

It was bad, I had fabric spilling out of too small bins on the floor. The bed was covered with more fabric and the project in progress. There were overflowing shoe boxes of ribbon and trim. All the rest of my sewing stuff was jumbled next to the sewing machine.

I had been storing all my supplies in bins in the closet. So when I wanted to work on a project, I had to drag it all out and unpack everything in order to find the one thing I wanted. Who wants to do that everyday when you are on a crafty spurt!? Not me.

Paris Swap Sneak Peek

This was no way to live! So off to IKEA I ran Friday night. In just an hour later, the Little Scion that Could was loaded down with the makings of a real (apartment sized) craft studio! (I had previewed everything online so that I could get in and out of IKEA quickly and as cheaply as possible.)

This was a weekend of creating an organizational system that we could both live with. Soon there will be pictures...


Lucy said...

Well Oscar, I can't wait to see your new goodies for your sewing area, you 'creative' genius you :)

Katney said...

Yes, yes, we need pictures.

I wish we had an Ikea--I think.