Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thrifted Trinkets

Garage Sale Junk

A few weeks ago I stopped at a garage sale in Burbank. I found a great vintage table cloth, a classic Fisher Price rolly chime ball, a Jenga game for my class, and this Cool Whip tub of trinkets. I think I spent less than $5 bucks on everything. I didn't *need* any of it, but these vintage things captured my imagination.

Let's take a closer look.
It took a bit of doing to unwind and free all those bits and bobs.
Trinket Display
Please click on this to see it larger. It's as if my entire '70's childhood was shrunk into a Cool Whip tub!
 Vintage Trinkets
So much has changed. I happen to have a faux PB "rotary phone" but I doubt my students would even know what it was.
Western Trinkets
Actually, I imagine these date back to the late '60's. These look like the toys my cousins played with and my grandmother saved in her toy box.
Vintage Childhood Trinkets
And, although I have honestly never smoked a cigarette, even to try it, I did play smoke all the time. Be it bubble gum cigarettes or rolls of paper, that was always cool. Do kids today do that? I have never seen a Crayon fake smoke. They make paper cell phones out of any folded paper.
Bible, Bone, Bandit Mask
I have no projects planned for these. For now they will stay in the Cool Whip tub. Maybe someday I will make a doll house. I'd love to do that. Or maybe I'll use them in a "Bits 'n Pieces" collage. I will probably just horde them. Then when I die and (hopefully) my grandchildren hold my garage sale, some person with a fondness for junk will buy them.
"Greasy Kid Stuff"
"Greasy Kid Stuff"

And they will have this totally cool, teeny tiny, bottle of "Greasy Kid Stuff."

Have a great week!


Melissa said...

Love your blog, those things would be great for I-spy bags/books. Just an idea, thanks for all the inspiring ideas.

Wendy said...

Those are really cute! I thought of the I-spy bags, too!

Christy said...

What a fun collection of trinkets! I'm sure you'll find some spectacularly creative use for them. :)

Donna said...

there is a great toy called "thinkits", that use small toys like these and have tons of games you can play. My kids love em and they come in very useful at restaurants when we are waiting for our food. You could play alot of different games with these. You did good snatching those up, I would have also! Enjoy!

Polly said...

These totally remind me of the I-Spy books and my first thought for them was the I-spy bags, but a doll house would be fun too!

KristenBieber said...

Those remind me of a charm necklace I had as a kid, I love it!

sara's art house said...

How cute!!!

Kelley said...

funny my mom used to have a ton of those- i think they are charms for a bracelet or something, right? great find ;)

Malisa said...

What a fun find!