Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Quilling Week: Third Project -Discovering a Challenge

Quilled hearts

After my success with the laundry line card, I had the idea to make something for St. Patricks day. My idea was to fill a small bottle with some quilled four-leaf clovers. The inspiration came from this beautiful jar of quilled hearts I saw a few weeks before meeting up with Alli at the Crafts Convention. Funny how once you learn about something, suddenly it is everywhere.

To me, the petals on a four-leaf clover are heart shaped, so I started by making four green hearts. Each heart was made from two tear drop quills. By the time I got three hearts done, I could tell that it was too busy to look like a clover.

 Undaunted I tried a "grape roll" which is basically a tight roll with the center pushed out a bit.
Better, but not quite what I wanted.
Quilled Shamrock

At this point, I decided to let my brain rest and move on  to another project- one that involves following the patterns for flowers! Enough ingenuity!

Actually, whenever I take a break, it's only a matter of time before the solution comes to me. In fact, I have another approach brewing just from writing this post. Still, I wanted to share this project.  I think there is value in seeing the duds too.

The great thing about quilling is that these duds are easily stored for a day when I need three green hearts.

Tune in tomorrow for a finished project! In the meantime, check out Charlotte's amazing quilling blog, The Art of Quilling. I love her angels and this quilling for kids pumpkin is awesome! The Crayons would go nuts for that!

Oh, and to answer a question about gluing the quilled designs down. Ali's beginner kit comes with a tube of Elmers glue with a very fine tip. I just put a blob of glue on a scrap of cardboard and kinda dunked the bottom of the shape into the glue and placed it on the card. Once dry, the designs are surprisingly sturdy.

Have a great day!


Rebecca said...

I've always wanted to try quilling! Your projects are both cute and inspiring. (as always) :)

Charlotte said...

Thank you so much for the nice comments about my blog projects. I enjoy creating larger art pieces with quilling, but have to admit that I keep coming back to fun pieces children, as well as adults, would like.

Happy Quilling!