Sunday, February 14, 2010

Quilling Week

Quilled Toppers to Celebrate the Olympics
Naturally, I root for Team USA. However, I couldn't have been happier tonight when Alexandre Bilodeau won Canada's first gold medal on home soil. Doesn't every country deserve that thrill? I think so. And, he seems to be a really nice guy to boot! Since I had no cupcakes on hand, I celebrated with an ice cream sammy.

Anyway, this weekend I have been holed up with a cold.  And, like a ray of sunshine my friend Alli sent me her book Quilling for the First Time and a Beginner Quilling Kit! So it's been Olympics and quilling round the clock for me!
Beginner Quilling Kit
Just looking that rainbow of paper makes me happy!

Remember when Llyod Dobler predicted that kickboxing was the sport of the future?
Well, I'd like to declare quilling the craft of the future!

Seriously, it's very relaxing, is super affordable, and requires relatively few supplies. Did I mention that quilling materials store easily and don't even take up much space!

Other than one small heart "make and take" at the Crafts Convention, I have never quilled. I thought it might be fun for you to sort of learn along with me. Each day this week I am going to post a project I made this weekend. I will share them in the order* that I made them so you will be able to see my progress. 

To start:
A full description of the Beginner Quilling Kit is available here.
Alli's book Paper Quilling for the First Time  is described here.
You can see quilling tools here. See what I mean- just a few small scale supplies.
The basics of quilling. These simple steps are the basis for endless designs. 
Basic quilled shapes.

I hope to see you back tomorrow!

*I will share my creations in order with one exception, I made those two toppers last.


Ann Martin said...

Oh this is great - I love it when people discover how much fun quilling is! I met Alli a few years ago at a quilling convention - she's lovely and has such good ideas. Looking forward to your future posts.

sara's art house said...

How fun! I have always wanted to try quilling.

julia said...

Hi there,
I'm an editor at a site called Ohdeedoh, and I noticed you seem to be making and selling play kitchens for a good cause. We're very into play kitchens over at Ohdeedoh, and I was hoping to do a little write-up/post showcasing what you're doing and the different kitchens you've made. Would you be interested? If so- can you email me at and tell me a little bit about the project?

Thanks so much!