Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quilling Week: Fourth Project -Snack Canister

Quilled Container

This was once...
Container for Repurposing

I do love me some trash to treasure!

To transform this container I removed the wrapper and traced it onto some adhesive scrapbook paper that is similar to this. That part could not be easier.
Quilled Lid
Rolling the flower shapes was easy. The whole project t took about a half hour. I discovered that if I pre cut all the strips I can curl really quickly and efficiently. I really like how the white flower turned out. The pink flower was harder to get symmetrical.

My beloved secretary at school is a Jehovah's Witness so she doesn't celebrate holidays. I plan to fill this with some candy for an "anytime" gift. Since I love the tasty peanuts that come in these containers (99 Cents Only no less!) I can see a lot of this type of decorated canister in my future!

One more quilling project tomorrow!

1 comment:

AbigailsCrafts said...

My favourite kind of project - turning 'trash' into something both attractive and useful. Gorgeous!

I haven't done any quilling in many years, but am tempted to give it another try now :)