Sunday, February 14, 2010



I got a couple of copies of Pack-o-Fun at the Crafts Convention and I can heartily say that this magazine is Crayon Tested- Teacher Approved. 

The Crayons really loved reading this magazine and making the Valentines Mailboxes. I think it's safe to say we made almost all of them. One caviot, Pack-o-Fun (like most all craft publications) is designed to sell the products of it's advertisers, so I had to have a talk with the Crayons about coming up with their own materials. I wasn't going to buy feather boas, craft foam or google eyes. They would have to improvise. I think improvisation is an important skill and I am cheap, so it's a win-win there.

From the table of contents:


19 Beverly the Bear
20 Sammie the Skunk
21 Rosie the Robot
22 Alex the Alien
23 Walter the Whale
24 Freddie the Frog
25 Groovin' Guitar
26 Humpty Dumpty

From the Crayon Box:

Our Valentines Mailboxs

Loosly inspired Beverly the Bear
Inspired by Beverly the Bear from Pack-o-Fun

Some Terrific Sammy the Skunks.
Pack-o-Fun Sammy the Skunk Mailboxes
The original called for using soda bottles. I think the Crayons adapted this one very well.
A Few Robots & A Decorated Box
Quite a few robots. Less functional and more fun.
Based on Walter the Whale from Pack-o-Fun
I am sure Pink wouldn't name her whale "Walter."
My Frog and a Guitar
Freddie the Frog
Guitar Valentine Mailbox
Last but not least, an amazing guitar!
Hope Your Valentines is a "pack -o- fun" too!


Ashley said...

Making boxes was always my favorite part of Valentine's Day when I was in elementary school!

& if I ever head out to LA I'll be sure I hold you to taking me to see a Wright house! :D & thanks by the way for saying I look like Amy Adams to you. I take that as a huge compliment! :D

Hope you're enjoying the non Blizzardness! hehe!

Wendy said...

Those are so cute!

Kelley said...

what creative little crayons you have ;)