Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Play Kitchen Build Along: Lesson Six- The Wrap Up

Kitchen Lesson LogoMy Nightstand to Play Kitchen
Shabby Chic Play Kitchen\

OK, so that was six lessons! And this doesn't really count as a lesson. Rather it's a wrap up.

Here is my cost breakdown:
Little nightstand- $5.00
Bowl- $ 2.00
Corner braces -$2.39
Hardboard sheet -$3.72
Wood Scrap- $0.50
Knobs for sink $1.50
Faucet- $2.00
Stone Spray Paint (on sale) $6.00
Handle $0.25
Chopsticks for burners $1.00
Baking pan for magnetic chalkboard $1.00
Adhesive Velcro squares $1.00
Tarp to protect my living room carpet  $1.00
Patient Hubby- Priceless

Grand Total - About $30 - Not too shabby for a Shabby Chic Play Kitchen!

I used paint, glue, varnish, dowels and fabric from my "stash, " so I realize that it was cheaper for me than someone starting from scratch.

This has been a lot of fun for me. I love seeing your creations. I have stumbled on a few play kitchens inspired by my methods over the past year and it's really just the neatest thing. It's the teacher in me, I love it!

The other day, I found Lisa's fabulous creation. She added a shelf and pot rack to her play kitchen. You have to go see it! Lisa tells me that it's hiding under a sheet in the garage and her daughter has no clue! I can not wait to see Christmas day reveal or play pictures. I mean, it's fun to make them, but seeing them in action- that's the cherry on top!

Updated: Speaking of action shots...this is adorable!
Ann Marie's KitchenSet

The kitchen and the baby made by Ann Marie and she has tons of great ideas listed here.

There are other great kitchens popping up in the Play Kitchen Build Along Flickr group. You have to check out this *free* play kitchen from Dixicowgirl. The red and green color combo gets me every time. She was super resourceful using stuff from around her house and she used the bottom drawer to make a hutch!

How are you doing? If you have pictures, please post them to the Flickr group to inspire others. If you would like to post your picture but do not have a blog or Flickr account, you can email it to me (at janeclifflittle at yahoo dot com) and I will post it for you!

Play Kitchen Series:
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Lesson 6- Wrap Up (This post here- so really it was five lessons!)

My Play Kitchen Inspiration

Thanks for building along!

Updated: Sorry! I didn't have the Flickr Build Along Group linked!  Be sure to check it out!

* If you make a play kitchen from this free tutorial, I'd really appreciate if you would add a picture to my Play Kitchen Build Along flickr group and link to this tutorial on your blog! Thanks!


Jeanette said...

It is so cute. You did a great job.

onegirliegirl said...

Thanks for making this so much fun! I can't wait to make another one :)

xoxo ~Lisa

Kim said...

You are so talented!!!

Ann Marie said...

Could you post a link to the Flickr group so that we can see other's kitchens? Thanks!

Jennifer said...

Wish I could have participated this time around, but I will definitely be following your tutorial soon!

Thanks for sharing this with us!

Maman Tattoo said...

Yay for done kitchens!
I still have a lot to do, but it's going well :)
Can't wait to show you...