Saturday, December 26, 2009

Quake Hold Decor

Temporary Apothocary Jar
See that cute apothecary style jar with the vintage candle stick stand? It's not what you think!

Blog after blog this season had apothecary jars made from candle sticks glued to jars. Loved them! Love the idea of making my own! However, things with stands are harder to store. Really, storage considerations have to be my guiding light for almost every decor purchase or craft. So, I bought a few jars at the thrift and procrastinated. Then Cliff instated the "END to Santa's Workshop." No more crafty mess after the 18th.

Here I was wandering around my clean apartment with time on my hands just hours before my parents were to arrive.  The cute vintage white holly candle sticks had not "made the cut" this season and I was feeling a bit sorry for them.

Quake Hold

Quake Hold! It's an Angelino's friend!

Stickier and stronger than fun tack and just as temporary!

Just a few blobs with do ya! A temporary vintage holly apothecary jar! With no "crafty mess!"

Is it strong? Sure enough! You can buy Quake Hold here in CA at just about any hardware store or online at Amazon. Great product if you have kids running around near collectibles too.

Still enjoying family, but up early with a wicked case of heartburn. Turns out I may be too old to gorge on Christmas cookies at 11pm. What to do while the rest of the family slumbers? Blog of course. You can think of the following few posts as my "Early Morning Heartburn Series."

Linking up with the DIY Showoff for one last Holiday Highlights!


laterg8r said...

so sorry to hear about your heartburn but i love the quake glue :D

Anonymous said...

Now that's just clever! Never heard of the glue either, so thanks for sharing it.

Barbara Jean said...

never heard of that.
great to know