Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Great Ideas from the Reagan Library

I took my parents to the Reagan Library on the 24th. It's such a wonderful place. Reagan was president for a good chunk of my childhood and I have very fond memories of him. This is not exactly a "fond" memory, just a very vivid one: I was home sick from school watching The Price Is Right when he was shot. I remember it like it was yesterday. And, although I was very young, I remember liking how glamerous Nancy Reagan was. What can I say, the Reagan years were good to me and I like his library too!

Anywhoo, they had an exhibit of Christmas Trees from around the world. There was a tree for each of the 29 countries Reagan travelled to. I didn't jot down which tree was from which country, but I was really inspired by some of the decorating ideas. I decided to "write it up" and I am going to publish it now review it again next year.

Here goes! Great Christmas Tree Ideas from the Ronald Reagan Library-

A huge trend this year was big stuff stuck on the tree.
Gift Shop Patriotic Tree
Here is big Santa and also big sticks. I guess they wire these on.
Vatican Chirstmas Tree
Here is a big bird- actually, birds were another big trend. They were featured on almost every tree.
The Mexico Tree
I actually have a similar cross on my wall! Use what you have!

I love this one with the Holy Family in the middle of the tree.
Holy Family Tree
What a great way to focus the tree on the reason for the season. I have plenty of Nativity ornaments, but they get lost. The big scale really works here. I could do without the parrots, but I guess they are paying their respects to the baby Jesus.
Holy Family in the Tree
I think this tree was supposed to represent Barbados. The pictures don't begin to do it justice. It was stunning.

You may have also noticed that sticks, feathers, and flowers of all kinds were another huge trend in this exhibit.
 Switzerland's Tree
If I had a daughter with American Girl dolls I would so be tempted to requisition the collection for December!

All of these pictures and a few more in this flickr set. You can also click on each picture to see them enlarged.


Anonymous said...

boy do i miss pres. reagan! thanks for sharing the pics.

laterg8r said...

great pics - gorgeous trees :D