Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Trash to Treasure: Needs Advice!

So, last week I went to the Goodwill with chalkboards on my mind.
Christmas Gift <span class=
I was happy with this platter and the pineapple board.

Pineapple Chalkboard
I am still happy with the pineapple. It came out just as I wanted.
Not quite right plate chalkboard
But, the platter needs help! The edges were so hard to get neat with a foam brush. The white feels too stark. Should I paint the whole thing black? Does it need a ribbon or some other embellishment?

For better inspiration than this, head over to Kim's at Reinvented for some real treasures!

Edited to Add: I am including this post in 320* Sycamore's Week of Gifts! And I have since painted the whole plate with chalkboard paint and have a light blue ribbon to hang it with. It looks much better! No pics yet tho! However, I will be checking out all those other chalkboard posts to get more ideas!


Megan said...

You could always glue some sort of trim to delineate the two areas. But I wonder if you couldn't just scrape the wandering paint off with a razor?

Nutsy Coco said...

I really like the idea of leaving the rim of the plate white. I was also thinking of some type of border you could get for the edge between the black center and the white edge. I wish I could think of a specific product to recommend but I bet you could find something at the craft store that would create a nice, smooth transition.

Jennifer said...

Oh, chalkboard paint ... it will surely be my demise!! I would definitely suggest doing some sort of border with ribbon. As you know from my post, when I started to paint too much I make it worse!

The DIY Show Off said...

Maybe a border of beads with hot glue, using a smaller plate as a guide for making a perfect circle?

I love chalkboard paint - your pineapple is adorable and the plate will look awesome with some trim. :)

HollyLynne said...

How about getting a damask or fleur de lis stamp or stencil and decorating the white edge with that? the pineapple looks awesome!

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

Yes all black will be DARLING!!

Runner Mom said...

Hey, Jane! Thanks for visiting my blog! I think I agree with painting the circle area and adding a fru fru something in the middle. Either the fleur di lis or some swirls. You COULD always get scrapbook paper, cut a circle and glue over it--the whole plate. Then, add modge podge--several coats--and hang on the wall. Just a thought! Love the pineapple!


Patti's Scrapinings said...

It needs a border, so I am thinking ribbon, beads, or maybe small paper flowers??? I am not sure?? I will be interested to find out what you come up with though:)

Sarah said...

(It still REALLY sucks that your blog is not updating. I am like 12 posts behind again.)

I say paint the whole thing black then use a pretty bright silky ribbon to "faux" hang it with.

Taryn said...

I think a slate grey would be a nice colour combo, plus any messiness wouldn't be too noticable. You could add a white ribbon trim to the edge as well :)

melissa said...

I have the hardest time keeping a straight line with plates too~you're not alone! :) You sound like you found a perfect solution for it though~thanks for linking up!