Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Paint & Power Tools

This is a public service announcement for all California residents: OSH has Rust-oleum American Accents spray paint 2 for $6! Plus a 10% off coupon!

Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH) is a smaller, friendlier hardware store similar to ACE hardware or the store Richie Cunningham's dad used to run. It's a chain here in California and I am partial to them because the tool guys are not too busy to explain stuff to me.

This week their slogan is "Oh Say Can You Save. " Cute and thematic and I like it. Along with that 10% off coupon, I like it a lot.

I had a wonderful experience yesterday buying some supplies. Like I said they are having a sale on spray paint. They had a 2 for $6 sign right in front of the Rust-oleum Stone spray paint. I thought that had to be incorrect, so I clarified with a sales girl who said, "It says American Accents, it's 2 for $6." Alrighty then! That's 2 cans for less than the price of one!

Of course you know when I got to the check out the regular price of $8.99 rang up. I knew they meant the $3.99 cans of regular American Accents colors. Still, she said it was on sale and since I took the time to clarify ahead of time, I complained. Would you believe they gave it to me! They said it was their error for not placing the signs correctly and not clarifying on the signs!

Whooo hoo! Next to a great deal, I love an honest company!

Oh and I also bought a saw!

It's the Black and Decker HandiSaw. The tool man at OSH didn't have any experience with this saw, but he told me that I could return it within 90 days if I wasn't happy.

I can already tell you that I am happy I won't need to use my drill a million times to make a cut!


Nutsy Coco said...

OSH is great! I wish I had discovered them earlier when I lived in LA because a trip to Home Depot was a NIGHTMARE and OSH was such a nice, quiet, helpful change of pace. And I would NEVER say no to Ahmed Hassan (Yard Crashers) like all those other crazy customers do!

HollyLynne said...

I AM SO WITH YOU ON OSH!!! They are smaller, but I've always found them to be much better stocked for the types of projects my husband and I do around the condo. We had a plumbing issue that we spent eons in Home Depot trying to find the right fixture for with no luck. OSH down the street is literally 1/4 the size but had THREE fixture options for us. They're much friendlier and more knowledgeable too. I only wish they offered custom shutter building . . . cause that could've saved me the FOUR MONTHS of grief I got from having ordered mine at Home Depot.

Rozi said...

I just like to tell you that I spent the past two days reading your blog all the way to the very beginning. You're so inspiring and how kind hearted you are with your time and effort to create and bring happiness and joy and help those in need. I'm following your blog and looking forwards to your future postings,hoping to learn from you and apply myself :-)