Thursday, July 23, 2009

DIY Thursday- Children's Art Book

A few weeks ago I went to my girlfriends Lisa's house down in the OC. She raved about the school her daughter attends and especially their art program. Then she shared her three year old daughter's art work with me.
Bella's Van Gough
Here's her version of Starry Night. Can you believe it! How fabulous is this?
The problem my friend worried, was how to display and honor the art.
Bella's Monet
Here is B's Water Lillies.

I told her not to worry and headed off with the portfolio.
Bella's Matisse

I brought the art home and scanned or photographed each piece.
Bella's Sunflowers
Then I uploaded each picture into a blurb book. I added simple text to go with each picture.
For example "This is B's painting of Sunflowers. Van Gough painted Sunflowers too. They both used a lot of yellow and orange in their paintings."

This is a sample page on the computer. This is the preview mode and you can see how the pages will look. I assure you Blurb is super easy!
Jackson's Scribbles
For the extra large paintings I photographed B holding her art.
I also included some of her craft projects like this shell pine cone tree.

Then I tried to interview her about art. That was interesting! I did get a few funny quotes to add. For example she likes to use all the colors, but "edamame green" is her favorite.

Anyway, when completed, Lisa will be able to log onto my "blurb store" and order as many copies of the book as she would like. They start at about $20. She can order a hardcover for B and soft covers for the grandparents. There are a lot of options to customize a book.

This will be my third blurb book and I can not stress what a great product it is! Blurb books- easy DIY heirlooms!

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Nutsy Coco said...

Wow, that's amazing for a 3 yo! The blurb book is a great idea too. It's a great way to keep a record of it.

Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

How cool! I love this idea, definately going to check it out! Awesome!

HollyLynne said...

Brilliant idea! (and what a talented little friend you have there!)
I did our wedding books on Blurb and they're GORGEOUS!!! I first heard of Blurb on your site, so thanks :D

Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

Oh wow!!! What great work... only 3??? I had never heard of Blurb... I'm going to check it out.
What a neat idea!
Thanks for sharing!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

That's amazing! I wish my daughter's preschool did more art appreciation instead of gluing cotton balls to paper rabbits. ;) I've never heard of a blurb I know! ;)

Sara said...

The girl's got some serious skillz. And whoever is teaching is doing a stellar job. As for blurb? I'll be checking it out. Thanks!

Ruth said...

The art work is great. I did a post on my son's artwork and he did an animal's(pet's) interpretation of starry night. It was great.

The book idea is fantastic.