Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Love This Post Card

This weekend we had the pleasure of visiting with our good friends (and grandparents to this cutie) Lee and Phyllis. We went to dinner at Pane Vino and then headed over to the Boulevard Music Store in Culver City for a Janet Klein show.  

Janet and her boys play "lovely, naughty, and obscure music of the 1910's, 20's and 30's." Her website is loaded with vintage photos and music samples. Just going to her website is a treat. Kinda like sneaking into someone's gorgeous vintage steamer trunk. Truly, it is worth a look. Grab a cup of tea and slip into her "parlor" for a visit.

I have seen her a few times and each time it's just pure fun. She is a the local treasure. And, her promotional postcards...little artworks one and all.


jar said...

I like the romantic vintage look of the postcard and of her sight.

suesue said...

just found your flickr page on the pink kitchen set. perfectly adorable and original!!
p.s. i have an Aga oven and the doors open sideways.

Wendy said...

Jane thanks for the warm CA sunshine wishes! I think I'll hang on to this 2 feet of snow, everything is so clean and bright.
LOVE the pink kitchen! Sophie needs one of those!!!!