Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cleaning Up

Christmas Tags
I know it's late for a Christmasy post. I am quite behind with cleaning up Christmas this year. The pink kitchen project consumed me and I fell further behind.  Last year I started hanging my Christmas cards on our kitchen curtains. I just love this tradition and it's a bit hard for me to take them down. Each card is like a visit from a friend. Then there is the whole idea of throwing those cards in the trash. This year I used my new cutter to make some tags from the cards. Made the whole dismantling Christmas process just a bit easier.

Crafty Goodness

Now that Christmas is cleaned up, I can play with the loot my mother in law sent me. She is preparing to move and threw all her crafty stuff in a box as she cleaned. This week the big box arrived and it is a bounty of all sorts of stuff. Truth be told, my mother did the same thing when I was home for Christmas! I am swimming in fabric right now. Certainly, a happy problem.

Fabric and trims


Sarah said...

What a great idea for the Christmas cards! I just finished cleaning up my Christmas stuff too, so your post made me feel much better. I also do a craft project with the family photo cards. I have a scrapbook that I add pages to each year with the new photos. I just can't throw a pic away.

Carrie J said...

I found your blog through Merchant Ships. I remember making those fabric flowers pictured in the top of the picture on your post. We made piles of them. I had forgotten all about it until I saw your picture.