Friday, June 20, 2008

Taking Care of Business

Not too long ago we got Cliff a new desk.

I had been out shopping with a friend and found a beautiful desk for $500. It was marked down from $700. I was determined to talk Cliff into giving up his old wobbly desk. On the rainiest of rainy days we went to look at the sale desk. He agreed that it was beautiful and that it was time he had a new desk, but he felt that this desk was a bit too big and a bit too feminine.

I would have liked to get something on Craigslist, but without a truck a desk is a challenging thing to move. So I looked online. That very day I found him an even better desk online at Staples and we had it delivered within the week. The reviews give it five stars and I have to say that we agree. The quality and construction are very nice.

The happy problem is that the new desk brought some serious class to our office. The old futon and the Ikea book cases were suddenly more shabby than chic.

Case in point: This is my picture book collection. These are the ones that go to school and come straight home. Some are mine from childhood. Some are the ones I am saving for my grandchildren. Some are out of print gems that I must preserve. I have weeded and whittled this collection a few times and these are the ones I need. I am constantly borrowing from this library o' mine and it's constantly a bit disheveled. I would call it "visual clutter."

Visual clutter no more. After a fruitful trip to Big Lots I got a Waverly curtain for $12 and a curtain rod for $5. I find that Big Lots is a go to place for curtain rods.

For months I had been planning to go downtown and get some $2 a pound fabric to make a curtain. But, when I saw this and knew it was the right length, I saved myself the trip.

By the way, we got this new office chair for a steal off of Craig'slist! And, even better it was only a block away. (In a building I had been curious about for a while!) We walked there and walked it on home.


Nutsy Coco said...

Looks great! Open shelves are nice when they can be kept neat but sometimes a little covering works wonders.

Renee said...

That's a great idea & I love the color!