Tuesday, June 17, 2008

She's Not Just Another Old Sock Monkey

This reminds me of the time my bad dog Nikki tore off Lady Monkey's legs.

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It happened shortly after this picnic. Notice how I am not too thrilled to be sharing Lady Monkey with my cousin Eric?

Later that afternoon,when we got back to my Grandma Mary's house, our bad dog Nikki went crazy and chewed both her legs off!

Lady Monkey was made for me by a woman my parents barely knew, yet she is my favorite toy. I believe that she is part leisure suit. I know (because of the dog attack) that she is stuffed with fabric scraps and pantyhose. She is heavier than normal stuffed animals. She has a good solid construction. She has swung from every corner of my childhood and lived to tell about it.

I truly think she is beautiful, although I did enter her in an "Ugly Stuffed Animal" contest. I knew she would win because she is so often misunderstood. Cliff thinks she looks like a lizard? My mother is amazed I would tolerate a comment like that. Oh, the things we do for love.

Lady Monkey is my Velveteen Rabbit.

My little monkey up there is certainly a lightweight by comparison. She's a rough draft so to speak. I obtained the perfect polyester pants at the Jet Rag Sunday Sale for when I perfect the pattern.

Thankfully, after the dog attack, my mother made her a pair of permanent bloomers to hold Lady Monkey's legs on.

Eventually I will make another run to Joanne's for more stuffing. Then Lady Monkey 2.0 can get a pair of legs too.


Susie from Bienvenue said...

Oh my goodness... I loved that little story. I still have my blankie. I have pictures of us dressed just like that! brings back memories.. I feel old, ick Susie H

It's Just Me! said...

I had a Glenn-y Mouse. A 3 foot fat purple/grey mouse that my brother Glenn rode his bike to the Hobby shop 2 towns away to buy me for my birthday! He was about 12 or 13 when he made that LONG ride home with a BIG MOUSE on the handle bars...That's love! I took him on my first vacation to virgina Beach, Back when I didn't know what vacations were. Being the youngest of 6 we didn't take many that didn't involve a 2 hour ride to granny's! My mom secretly dumped him when I went away to college. Poor Glenn-y Mouse!

Rebecca said...

I LOVE Lady Monkey! But you knew that already. I can't wait see Lady monkey for a new generation, lol.

I had Mr. Frog. He was a lurid green and wore denim overalls. He had those GIANT plastic eyes and was squished flat from being laid on. He is now missing though my Mom thinks he is in the attic. I'll be excavating on my next trip down there. :)