Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Dress A Day Blog & My Own Jet Rag Projects

I recently learned about this blog New Dress A Day where by Marissa is making a dress a day from thrifted dresses and other clothes she finds. She is also only budgeting about a $1 a day to do this. She gets most of her raw material dresses from among other places Jet Rag on LaBrea. Jet Rag is this vintage clothing store that piles up mountains of old clothes and sells them all for a dollar on Sundays. You can read about it in this wonderful "e-how" article entitled "How to shop at Jet Rag's Dollar Vintage Sale."

I wish I had more confidence in my sewing skills to sew clothes. Of course at this point, I wish my sewing mojo would come back at all. This summer my personal life has abducted my creative energy. Sigh.

Nonetheless, Marissa's blog has me reminiscing of Jet Rag Days gone by. Here are just a few of my Jet Rag transformations.
Wool Sweaters for Felting
This ratty cashmere sweater became this...
Baby Sweater
sweet baby sweater.
Pants Today
These ugly old man pants became...
Monkey TwinsMolly Birthday
my favorite monkeys.
House Coat BagHouse coat to beach bagTie One On- Local Apron
All formerly housecoats.
Two badly damaged tablecloths
This ratty tablecloth...
Chair Makeover
Ahh! Much better.

Shopping at Jet Rag was not only an affordable way to build my sewing stash, it got the creative juices flowing.

My silence around these parts this summer has been a big surprise to me. I really thought I would attack crafting with great gusto in my time off. Instead I woke up without a single crafty urge. Other things have filled my time including the possibility of a move to a new apartment. Nothing is definite, but I am itching for some new digs. So, I have been thinking about downsizing some of my craft materials and may well have some giveaways in the coming days.

Hope you have a great week!