Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

I have been so busy finishing up the 207-2008 school year I forgot to blog about my friend Lisa's amazing birthday party! Better get on that before the 2008-2009 school year starts on Tuesday!

You might remember I was debating what to put into this basket?

Well, no soon after I finished the basket, Lisa furnished all the inspiration I could ever need. In her words:

My Favorite Things Birthday Party

This idea was inspired by Oprah's Favorite Things show. She always has so much fun sharing (and giving away) cool things and I wanted to do that too, with my closest friends!

Part I - Lisa's Favorite Things

So many times I am using an awesome lipstick or reading a good book and I want to tell everyone about it (and sometimes do). I also have fantasies about giving everyone one just because (when I feel abundant). This year I am revealing Lisa's Top 10 Favorite Things... and maybe I will gift you with some of them. At the very least, you will leave with some fun recommendations.

Part II - Your favorite Things

Think of something you love that you would want a cool group of women to know about and bring 1 with you to give away. Here are some ideas to get you started: beauty/make-up product, book, music album (burn your own copy), kitchen gadget, clothing item (i.e. slippers), candy/dessert item, journal/stationary, office supply item (i.e. fun pen, cool paper) or any other inexpensive item that is fun to use or makes your life easier. You know, those simple things that make a big difference. If a "thing" doesn't come to you, you could also recommend a service-based recourse and bring their business card or brochure and/or purchase a gift certificate. You DON'T need to wrap it.

It was easy and fun to come up with some of my favorite things to fill the basket! I made tags for each item with a little description...

1. Sewing is my favorite "drug of choice" right now. It completely relaxes me after a long day of teaching. I made the bag, and also a small crayon roll.

2. The Paint Buddy- I blogged here about this device that enables me to change up my picture frames and touch up my wall paint in seconds flat.

3. Regifting-truly I love passing things on to friends and family who will enjoy them more. Makes me feel all environmentally responsible! I had a vintage board book that was too babyish for my 4th graders, but perfect for Bella.

4. 4th of July dishtowel - I love to display holiday/ seasonal dishtowels. Even if I can't muster the time or energy to do any other decorating, my kitchen chores will be festive!

5. Clips! My love for office binder clips knows no limit! Have you seen the clip buffet at Staples? Seriously, clip heaven. It deserves it's own blog post.

6. Crayola 24 Count Crayons! How could I leave these out? The colors all lined up! The sharp, pointy tips! The new box smell! Symbolically, is there a better birthday gift to represent the possibilities of a new year?

Soon I will blog about the fantastic recommendations and gifts Lisa gave us! Yes, it was very much a mini Oprah giveaway show. Lots of gifts and the appropriate amount of screaming in response!


Mama Said Sew said...

This is a fantastic idea! I'm thinking of having a brunch for some friends when school starts. A little celebration for surviving a summer vacation with our kids. This is the perfect theme. Thanks for sharing. :)

It's Just Me! said...

I LOVE IT!! I was just asked to be the Matron of Honor for my sister in law! I think I will Host an "Our Favorite Things" Bridal Shower! Instead of the traditional "wishing well". I can't wait for more details...You may need to email me, girlie!!
Love ya,
Stacy, NJ