Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sitting Pretty

I did not go to Joanne's last night. It still feels wasteful to make a trip out there for so few items. However, Cliff did get the thrifted chair out of my car for me. With such a pretty chair for the sewing table, I was motivated to do something.
Thrifted Chair

Not bad for $7.99? I think the cover is bark cloth. It matches our bedroom room really well too.

Sewing inspiration hit when I discovered this new-to-me blog Cherryskin. In no time at all I had whipped up a pretty kitty of my own. I enlarged her pattern by 150% and made the skirt out of a bit of ruffle.

Pretty Kitty

She might get herself a few stash busting sisters in the near future. Or, maybe I'll go to Joanne's and get that stuff so I can finish some important projects.


Unknown said...

That chair is great--definitely worth $7.99 and a trip up several flights of stairs. :) I love the shape and that fabric is fabulous!

Nutsy Coco said...

What a cute kitty! And that chair was a great find, especially if it's inspiring you to craft.

Very Mary said...

Hey hey! You're a winner! Please zip your snail mail addy to maryann (at) averymarydesign (dot) com

Rebecca said...

Ooooo nice chair! The price of gas is awfuln here, too. $4.15!! Ugh. So I combine all of my shopping into one day and I'm crazy about figuring out the most efficient route. It sort of gives me a head ache. lol

I'm off to the check out that blog! Your kitty sure is cute! I love making stuffies. :)