Saturday, May 31, 2008


Mail room recycle bin

This would be the scene in our mail room every other Wednesday. I love coming home to see the counter littered with the weekly store circulars. It's easy money baby! See the $5 off coupon to the lovely Fresh and Easy? This week I cleaned up the counter for our building manager. (I'm a helper that way.) I netted 8 of these coupons without having to dig in the recycle bin. I am always pleasantly surprised that the other 80 apartments in our building just trash these coupons!

Fresh and Easy is this groovy British grocery store that just came to Hollywood. They have a very limited selection of foods. It's a great place for Cliff because there aren't aisles and aisles of choices. You want cereal? They have 5 take your pick.

I love their high quality meats and budget freezer section. They also have those Bartolli frozen meals. I love the chicken Alfredo, mostly because it cooks up in one pan and ten minutes flat. At $5.99 I have never seen these bag meals cheaper. I always get one to have on hand. If I come home from work tired, I pop that in a pan and it keeps the temptation to eat out at bay.

Fresh and Easy only takes this $5 off coupon. Sure is easy that way. Cliff and I go together and tag team so that each of our baskets are as close to the required $20 as possible. It's almost like a date. How's that saying go? "The couple that saves together stays together."

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