Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Show and Tell

I have recently discovered the blog The Nesting Place and recently the Nester has been posting on window treatments that she makes herself with fabric and some pins. She calls them "window mistreatments."

When I moved in to the apartment I went to town making my own "window mistreatments."
I wanted some to block the hot sun and others for decoration. I wanted them to be cheap and quick.


I needed a pair of heavy drapes for our southern exposure window. The bright CA sun cooks us in the summer and then the draft in the winter is pretty cold. So, I sewed an old pair of curtains inside a new pair of velvet drapes. Even with vertical blinds, and lined velvet drapes we get quite a bit of light coming in the room.

This is the other window which faces our balcony. It's pretty shaded. So I could get away with something decorative. This "mistreatment" is a scrap of fabric and the tie backs from our other drapes. It is all rigged up with a staple gun and some safety pins.

Another Mistreatment

For the bathroom, I sewed two rectangles together with a bit of ruffle. I sewed the ends and then pulled the threads to gather it. I sewed on a pair of ribbons to each side of the rectangle and tied it all up. There was like a metal edge to this window so I couldn't staple this up. I ended up hot gluing velcro to the wall and then to the curtain. The sun is so strong in this window that the green gingham print has all but faded. Still, I like it.

There you have it, my contribution to show and tell.


HollyLynne said...

great idea!!! (and spectacular shower curtain, by the way! :))

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane-
listen to your cell voice mail... I got my present so you can now post the picture. It is awesome!!!!!