Monday, May 12, 2008

Table Cloth Love

Candle Fun

About ten years ago I found this great NJ dishtowel. It was love at first sight and I knew that someday I would decorate my kitchen around the dishtowel. My love for this dishtowel lead my family to give me my Grandmother's Florida table cloth as a joke. And, that was it, I was hooked on the vintage tablecloth. Once I had a bunch of tablecloths, I used them as inspiration for collecting fruit crate label artwork. The dishtowel had inspired the decor for the whole apartment!

When I first started reading blogs I was amazed to find a community of people who shared my love of dishtowels and tablecloths. Then I found the blog Misadventures of Mama N' Jack. Among other things, it's a tablecloth Mecca!

This week is Sarah's birthday! Happy Birthday Sarah!

She is so generously having a tablecloth giveaway! You know I signed up! She has asked that the winner not cut the tablecloth.

I love to cut up stuff and make new stuff. It's true that I did cut a table cloth to make this bag. (A bag that I carry every day and enjoy so much.) Still, you can see that we use and enjoy many tablecloths which will never be cut up! Never!

This picture is from Cliff's birthday. This Christmas while sitting out on the patio, we started playing around with the candles on the table. One thing lead to another and soon we were making a bottle candle. It was a lot of fun to watch the wax build up. As a surprise, my parents sent Cliff a kit of sorts to make his own Chianti candle. It has been fun. Can't say it's exactly my decorating aesthetic, but I can't deny that I enjoy sitting around watching the candle too.

Anyway, head over to Mama N Jack's and take a chance for one of her lovely tablecloths!

Oh, and see that chair with the tablecloth in the post below? Well, at the bottom of the post there is a chance to win a free pack of diapers that I got from California Volunteers! You can comment on my other blog to win a free pack of any kind of Pampers!


Jodi Ohl said...

I never see any cool tablecloths out thrifting, I'm thinking now that you and Sarah have them all...LOL

That candle brings back some memories from the 80s..I had one of those!! Lots of fun :)

HollyLynne said...

oh my gosh, i LOVE dishtowels too!!! I make purses from them. The souvenir ones are the best . . . here's one I made using a whole tea towel and then one I made using an image from a tea towel as an applique
who knew there was a whole subculture of people into this stuff :)