Saturday, September 12, 2009

Trash to Treasure: Sweet Little Picture

A few months ago I went to my dream garage sale.

The sale was run by the grandchildren of the homeowner. It was clear within minutes that this lady could have been my very own Grandma Hattie. It was almost like visiting her home.

I snagged a bunch of stuff. In the pile was this sweet little framed magazine page. For a quarter I couldn't leave that little scottie dog behind.
Thrifted Frame
The ad on the back is pretty interesting.

I'm thinking it dates back to World War Two. It talks about women having to leave their homes in service to their country.
You can click on it to read it.

This little framed gem (to me) could have so easily been tossed, but like my grandma, this lady didn't toss stuff. She was a saver because even simple things had value to her. She was old school "green."
Picture Grouping
You'll have to click to see the picture larger. I thought the blue of her dress went well with this grouping.

I have such a hard time wrestling with the modern desire to clear clutter and streamline things and the genetic, ingrown desire to save collect things. It makes me happy to think that 50 years later this scrap of magazine is still worth something.

And that my friends is why I love Trash to Treasure so much!


Caro @ Thrifty n Curbside Adventures said...

awww, it's such a sweet picture!!

I love old children's books and such for such pictures. I just never know what to do with 'em! Thnks for the inspiration!

JobandBrittany said...

great finds!!

i host a goodwill party every wednesday. stop by and post your thrifty finds!!

Nutsy Coco said...

That article is an interesting find! I think it's great what you do with the things you collect. I'm the anti-collector though but at least I keep the local Goodwill well-stocked!

Kelley said...

'old school green'- i love it. sometimes my cheapness comes off as green-ness as well...

Rozi @ Rozi... The Artist said...

I can relate about trying to keep a minimal home yet the nature of collecting. I'm a big horder and everything just seems so useful and purposeful that I hang on to them because you just never know it's the perfect piece for the project you're working on... whenever that'll happen...