Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Nice Craigslist Story

Simple Blue Kitchen
The blue play kitchen finally sold!

When I first listed the blue kitchen on craigslist there was one lady who was interested right away. She wanted me to meet her in Glendale, about a half hour away, to deliver it. Usually I have people pick the kitchens up at church. That way they can pay the church directly and there is no question of impropriety. There are so many scams on craigslist and I just want every thing to be on the up and up. But, I also wanted to sell the kitchen quickly and this is a recession. So I agreed to deliver it.

All I asked was that she pay me with check or money order made out to the church. She responded by asking me to lower my price by $40. I thought about it for a couple of hours and decided that I wouldn't do that. It takes me some time to make them and I really want to make a good amount of money for the homeless program.

She decided that she didn't want to buy the kitchen, but asked what I would charge to make one out of a cabinet she already had in her garage. I told her the same price. $100. I get my cabinets for free as they come off the curb. Again, I think my time and my cause are worth the money. She wasn't interested. It was a discouraging exchange of emails.

So for a month it sat in our apartment and languished on craigslist without a single bite. I prayed about it and just decided to hold tight. I wasn't being greedy for myself after all.

The week before school started in my mad dash to tie up loose ends, I took the play kitchen over to church and listed it again on craigslist. Within a few days I had five people interested and it sold shortly after.

Then I got this email:

"I have been wanting to make my little girl a kitchen like the one you made. I am in San Diego so most likely would not be able to buy one from you even if you made another one. But yours was sooooooo cute that I thought I would ask if it was still available. Can I ask you where you bought the sink faucet and little levers? I have had my eyes out for a little cabinet for soooooo long!
;)kelley "

I replyed with a link to my flickr set which details all my "trade secrets" in kitchen making.

I got this email in reply:

Hi Jane,
I just have to say,
1.) You are my craft hero.
2.) Thank you so stinkin much for sending me your flickr site link. I am so inspired.
3.) Your kitchens all turned out soooooo amazing.
4.) Love your monkeys too!
5.) I am DETERMINED to make my little girl a kitchen now and will definitely send you a picture once I am finished.
6.) The best thing about seeing your creative kitchens was knowing that you do this out of the kindness of your heart to help the homeless.
7.) If I lived in LA, we'd be fast friends. (Actually, I went to CSUN for college so at one time I did live in LA.)
8.) I promise I'm not some weird stalker.
Thanks again and take care.

I can not tell you how that made my day! First off, she said "stinkin" which I say all the time. So much so that Cliff is constantly asking, "How freak'n stinkin cute is that!" Second, it was such a nice boost after the somewhat unpleasant exchange with the other lady.

(The truth is I don't just do it for the homeless program. Mostly I do it because I like to make stuff and sell them for the homeless program because it gets them out of my apartment. I am not much of a salesperson and hate asking people for money. If I sold them for myself I would have taken the $40 discount I am sure. The cause gives me more confidence.)

Thank you Kelley! You made my day and I can't wait to see your play kitchen!


Wendy said...

That is awesome! I dont think I would have let it go for 40 either!

Tonya said...

What an awesome person you are donating to the homeless program via your projects! I am so impressed...and not just by how "stinkin' cute" those kitchens are! LOL

NC Southern Belle said...

Yes your talent and time are worth the $100 esp for such a great cause. I think it is amazing that you are sharing your tips with all of us for free. Your kitchens are the cutest I have seen on any website/blog ! I have shared this idea with all of my North Carolina friends and everyone is on the look out for a nightstand these days. I have a 13 month old so my time is limited but this is for sure on my " to do" list :) Thank you for taking the time to help all of us and the homeless mission at the same time

Nutsy Coco said...

That's a great story! And I'm very happy to hear your other kitchen sold. It really did turn out awesome! If you're like me, I tend to see every little flaw in the things I make. I keep reminding myself that no one else probably notices, but sometimes it's hard to remember that!

Kelley said...

oh man, i am famous on your blog. ;) i'm glad you held out- it was definitely worth at least that much! people take for granted how much time and love go into handmade projects. its so awesome that you are using your craftiness for such a good cause. i'll keep in touch and hopefully soon i will send you a pic of my girl's kitchen- thanks for letting me copy you!!! :)

The Persimmon Perch said...

I love your story and your kitchen! I would be honored if you would join us at Made it Monday to show off your incredible skills.

oatsebear411 said...

I think thats amazing and I am glad you did NOT sell it to the first lady!

Sheila said...

100 bucks! are you kidding me!?!?! That is a steal these kitchens are the cutest!!! I mean they are SO STINKIN CUTE! The plastic ones cost more then that! Don't ever lower the price...if anything you should be able to raise it!! honestly if I was in CA I would buy one up...

casapinka said...

No STINKIN' way should you have sold that for $40 less. Some people always want something for nothing. You should send these to Oh de Doh!

Or craftzine. Or maybe you already have and I missed them. These are so stinkin' sweet - you are amazing. AND what a good cause. Keep it up, J!