Sunday, February 1, 2009

8 Things Meme

8 Things about me:
1. I'm homesick for NJ.
2. I'm very sensitive and my new boss seems to be my kriptonite.
3. Valentines Day might be my favorite holiday.
4. Until I was married, I never had a date for Valentine's Day. But I have about 20 little Valentines each year and that's what makes it so fun!
6. Most of the time, I like cookie dough better than the cookies.
7. I already have a lot of ideas for next Christmas.
8. I can't start Christmas projects yet because I have no place to store them.

8 TV Shows I watch:
1. Early Today- I wake up very early.
2. Oprah
3. Ellen
4. The Practice
5. The Bachelor
6. 60 Minutes
7. John & Kate Plus Eight
8. Moving Up

8 Restaurants I Love
1. Sushi Dan's - Studio City, CA
2. Nellies -Waldwick, NJ
3. Simply Crepes Rochester, NY
4. Lucille's Weston, FL
5. Croce's- San Diego
6. Chilli's (Especially the Quesadilla Explosion!)
7. Deny's or Bob's Big Boy
8. The Reunion- Sea Breeze, NY

8 Things that happened today:
1. I went to work in a real funk.
2. Most of my students did really well on their reading assessment.
3. I felt better.
4. Enjoyed my Lean Cuisine Chicken Club Panini-'specially since they are on sale at Ralps $1.77!
5. We skipped PE.
6. Listened to Working on A Dream with the hubby...
7. while we enjoyed a kick'n taco salad he made!
8. I called for a sub.

8 Things I look forward to:
1. A good night's sleep
2. A doctor's appointment/mental health day tomorrow!
3. Time off in May and June
4. Time at a B&B in April
5. The Oscars
6. Starting a family
7. Buying our first house
8. Someday...getting a dog.

8 Things I wish for:
1. A device that would allow me to speak my mind, enjoy the reaction, rewind and say what is expected, polite or politically correct.
2. To go hiking in the woods in fall. I can't believe how much I miss fall leaves and fall air.
3. To successfully match Kate with this guy I know so that she would move to LA.
4. A duplex so both our parents could spend some extended time with us.
5. A basement or an attic to store my Christmas stuff and off season clothes in.
6. I'd like to meet the Obama's, Oprah, and Bruce.
7. A week or more to spend with my Grandpaw learning woodworking.
8. A family prom. We won't have any weddings for a while.

8 songs I just listened to:
1. Working on a Dream
2. Queen of the Supermarket
3. Outlaw Pete
4. My Lucky Day
5. What Love Can Do
6. The Wrestler
7. Dylan/ Will I. Am commercial
8. Let's Stay Together

8 Favorite Movies:
1. Practical Magic
2. Ever After
3. His, Mine & Ours - The old version.
4. Parent Trap- The new version.
5. Shawshank Redemption
6. When Harry Met Sally
7. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
8. Sixteen Candles



Sarah and Jack said...

The bos situation sounds sticky, I do not envy you.

How on earth can you watch J+K+8? I have urges to strangle that woman or something. That whole bit with the poop and never, ever, ever, ever being allowed in their bedroom on the last episode sent me over the edge. For real. LOL

(Plus, Jack is just a smidge younger than their kids. How on earth is she going to keep them safe in that giant new house? There will just for them to get into before she notices.)

Meredith@MerchantShips said...

I hope you feel better today : )

You are doing difficult & important work, and the kids are lucky to have such a creative teacher.

Christy said...

Thanks for playing along!

Kate said...

Yours, Mine, and Ours starring Henry Fonda and Lucille Ball--what a Great old movie!