Sunday, February 10, 2008

Swap Happy

Swap Valentines Waiting for Shipment

Well, my grant writing isn't completely done, but I am lifting my blogging-crafting ban because things are on hold until Monday. 

This year I  joined a swap organized by Sarah and I am so glad I did. Instead of swapping with one person, this swap combined the creative talents of 15 people! Yesterday I received a wonderful packet of 14 assorted handmade Valentines. I have enjoyed studying each unique Valentine trying to learn new creative techniques. 

I had planned to make my own Valentines this year, sort of along the lines of my Christmas cards. Alas, since my life is just too hectic right now, it is not going to happen.  

I now have some lovely Valentines to send out, if I can part with them. I can tend to hoard cards that I really like. I'm pretty sure it's genetic, right mom?

 Anyway, here was my contribution to the swap. 

Red Work Valentines
I started making one design and got bored after three, so I switched it up. I have always loved red work. It's the perfect match of vintage images and my favorite color. Two of the patterns here came free from various websites in a google search of "red work Valentines." For the rest, I got inventive and traced the shapes of vintage Valentines culled from a Flickr search. 

I have an idea to make some more and create a garland out of them. I am thinking about creating some fake ones by tracing the designs on paper and hanging that. From the top of my curtains, marker would show up just as well. Just a thought...

Tomorrow, I will share the Valentines I received.


Heidi said...

Jane, those are SO, SO DARLING! I can't believe you stitched all of them--you are ambitious! I knew I was going to be sorry I didn't sign up for that swap, and now after I've seen your contribution I am! They're beautiful!

carolyn said...

I just got home to my swap package--THANK YOU!!
everything was so great it was a wonder to unwrap!
Nice stitching! I'll be away for a wee rebuilding houses in Louisian but will visit again soon.

Tiff said...

Hi Jane! Now I can't wait to get my package from Sarah's swap, I LOVE your Valentines!!!! I'm so glad you liked my doggie ones, I don't think I can stitch another dog for awhile though,14 was enough,lol!


carolyn said...

Thanks or my valentine...sure is cute !

Sarah B. B. said...

I'm very jealous you've already received your valentines. I'm hoping mine will arrive tomorrow... I'm also very impressed with the work you put into yours. That was very generous of you. :)

Rebecca said...

Oh I love them! I have been dying to try some red work but I seriously need a pen to draw them on the fabric, doh! Why can't I seem to remember to buy one of those suckers when I'm out???

Seriously, great job!

megan said...

Hi Jane! I just went through Sarah's package and your Valentine was one of my favorites! Those are the sweetests little images. I would love to have them all! Thanks!