Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy (Belated) Birthday Piper!

Quote Pillow

Somebody put Pipers gift "in the corner" of the Jersey City post office and left it there for almost a week! GRRR! Thankfully, she has it now!

I am bummed that the picture came out funky, but it was late when I finished this and I had to get it in the mail early the next day. This is the present for Piper that I have been dying to share. The picture sadly doesn't do it justice because you can't read the quotes. Also, it's a bit more puckery than I would have wanted. (Oh, sure the puckers show in the picture!) Still, for my first quilting attempt, I am happy.

I printed the quotes directly on muslin using fusible web that I had on hand to make it stiff enough to go through the printer. That plastic adhesive coating was then on the back of the pieces which made it a bit more tough to sew. I have since learned about using freezer paper to get fabric into a printer.

Piper is a huge movie fan and these are some of the quotes from chick flicks we have watched over the years...

"Nobody puts Baby in a corner."


"He will hear my call a mile away. He will whistle my favorite tune. He can ride a pony backwards."

"Champ, did you love her?"

The pillow itself is a travel size pillow from Ana's Linens and the other fabrics are from my stash of odds and ends and vintage sheets.

Be prepared to see lots of printed stuff in the future!


jodi said...

That is beautiful. I always love to see what you are making. You have the best ideas.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jane!!
I loved the pillow, especially trying to name all the films the quotes were from! It was well worth the wait.

Anonymous said...

By the way,
the picture on this blog really doesn't do it justice.
Me again