Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Thrifty the Clown*

The past few times I have been in NJ for Christmas, Piper and Kate have hosted a holiday open house so that I could catch up with all my NJ friends during our short visits. It has always been a wonderful gathering of work friends, neighbors and high school friends.

One year my friend Lesley's baby started fussing and she pulled out a little clown. She shook it at him and it magically calmed little Andrew. Joking, I shook the clown in my brother's face. From time to time we call him "Baby." Well, Baby giggled. The magic clown brought a smile to his face too! All night Cliff and I checked to see if the magic clown still worked on Baby and it did. 

So the other weekend when I was at my favorite thrift shop there happened to be this clown on the counter and it clicked! For baby!  

The lady at the counter at this particular shop is always adding little do dads to my bag and she saw me admire this clown. Before I knew it she added it to my bag! 

A free gag gift- now that is fun!

*Alexa sorry for the big clown picture first thing in the morning! 

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Anonymous said...

Well it does make you smile! :)