Thursday, December 6, 2007

November Sweet Goodness 

The theme for this months swap was "Tags and Swags."

 The tags were pretty easy. The swag had me stumped for a while. Then I saw a picture of Jodi's kitchen which appeared to be pale green. Since my sister in-law's bride's maid dresses were pale green it got me thinking. 

I  mined those dresses for all the tulle I could get and came up with a snowy theme. Ikea had great little strings of battery powered star lights. I tied strips of tulle, ribbon, fabric scraps, and silver pipe cleaner like tinsel around the light string.

At first I wasn't too happy and  I posted pictures on flicker. Bridie and Sarah gave me some advice. A quick trip to mecca garnered me some great clear snowflake plastic balls and big silver bells. Voila! Thankfully, Jodi has a winter theme in her living room! 

Amazing how these swaps work out!


Unknown said...

I love that garland! LOL that it is made out of a bridesmaid dress. :) It's really pretty and I bet she can keep it up in January as well. I put all my Christmas stuff away and put out "snow" themed things in January. I just think the house looks so empty after all the Christmas is put away that it needs something! :)

Love the photo in your header! Yum.

Rebecca said...

Oh it came out lovely! I'm with Heidi, I love having some winter type decoartions to leave out after all the Christmas stuff goes away.

Love your pinpoint snowflake tags, too!