Sunday, December 9, 2007

Photo Tags
I am really excited about this discovery! I had the idea this year to use old photos for Christmas tags. I think it will spark fun memories and conversations at our family gatherings.I made some just by printing out photos and coloring on them with Sharpie markers. 

Then while tooling around Flickr, I clicked on the "edit" photo button with the hopes of cropping a photo. What I discovered was Picnik. Using Picnik's very intuitive tools I was able to add text and little graphics. There is tons of really cool stuff if you sign up for the premium service ($24.99 a year) but the free stuff more than meets my needs.

I did have this one printed at Target, but a 5X5 square print has to be done through the mail. So I got cheap and just ordered a 4X6 which got cropped and cut off the "Merry Christmas." Just so you know with old square pictures, either wait for mail delivery or plan for some cropping. This photo is my father (in the santa hat) and his brother at some sort of 50's Santa Land  in the Adirondacks.

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Jodi Ohl said...

That's a neat idea!!! You know, sometimes when you join up to certain sites, they give you something like 20 or 40 photos for free...LOL....(I think snapfish is one, Walmart....and I'm sure there's a slew of others). Anyway, that might be an idea to load up a photo you fooled with and then get a bunch for free for using as tags or cards.

Love what you did with your photo!