Monday, December 10, 2007

Apartment Decorating Strategy #312 
Record Frames 

When we were just dating, Cliff happened to admire one of the records, Time Out by Dave Brubeck, in my parent's dusty and neglected record collection. His actual words were, "This is a classic you should have this framed and hanging on the wall."

A few months later for Christmas my parents sent him the record in a special frame so that he could hang it on the wall. 

Later we picked up three more record frames at Restoration Hardware. Cliff enjoys rotating his records through the frames creating different displays. Since we don't currently have a record player and Cliff is not going to part with that record collection...ever, it might as well earn it's keep too!

Recently his parents were getting ready to chuck their record collection and I picked out a couple of their Christmas records. The Koledy album is my favorite. Not only is it red and white, it features a nativity scene and celebrates Cliff's Polish heritage. 

One of the things on my thrift wish list is a real kitchy beach music album cover to go in my bathroom which has sort of a beachy theme. I also think vintage children's albums would make cheap and darling nursery decorations.

There are several other frames in the apartment that have Christmas pictures in them. I like changing out my pictures with the seasons because I can store pictures in the frames themselves and just rotate them.


Sarah and Jack said...

Jane you sneaky chic, how did I miss the new blog? LOL

Anonymous said...

I love that idea! We don't have any records, but that would be a great thing to do with them.