Sunday, December 16, 2007

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Greetings Coast to Coast 
When a Good Idea Goes Bad
CIA Scandal Christmas

Last year when I took this picture Cliff emphatically said, "Wow! That picture has to be our Christmas card next year!" Since he has never had an opinion about our Christmas card, I thought I would go with it. 

Then one of his friends sent us a homemade Halloween photo postcard and I thought, "I could do that too!" In fact, I had the cards, the photos and the stamps all before Thanksgiving. I even had most of the addresses printed out. File this under "No good idea goes unpunished" because that was the upside of this story.

I put the project aside while Cliff's parents were here for Christmas. I meant to send them last weekend, but I lost the stamps. 

I meant to send them Saturday afternoon after I bought new stamps and thus guaranteed that I would find the old stamps in my other purse. Unfortunately, the glue had dried funny and all the photos started popping off the postcards!

So today I used double sided tape to fix all 50 postcards. Tomorrow I will go to the early post office on my way to work and finally send them off.

I got to thinking that postcards might not be considered first class mail and they may take even longer to get delivered? Or if the picture pops off, you might just get a plain green postcard from us. Klassy!

CIA Christmas?

Oh yes... Cliff emailed one of his friends:

"Bill, Thanks for the Christmas photo of your children. Our card will be coming soon. In honor of the CIA prisoner torture scandals we have our boys posed spread eagle on a metal rack. Merry Christmas!"


Nutsy Coco said...

The cards may have turned into a big pain, but I think they're really cute!

Anonymous said...

Too fun. Love the CIA comment!! Sounds like it came out of this house.

Jodi Ohl said...

Love the cards even with all the drama around them..LOL.

Double sided tape is the best--it's one of my new favorite tools!