Thursday, December 13, 2007

Another Scrappy Notebook

This notebook is for my colleague and dear friend Ms. B. She is starting a mentoring  group for girls at our school to help foster positive self esteem, strong study skills and even early financial planning and job skills. It's an ambitious task and she feels truly called to this work. 

Ms.B  & her nephew Little Robby came over for Advent dinner on Sunday. We were able to talk about her plans for the girls group. After we lit the advent candles I was ready to read my devotional from this book, when she asked Little Robby what he sang for his school show. He broke out into the sweetest rendition of Away in the Manger that I have ever heard! It was so perfect!

To encourage her passion for this girls group, I made her this notebook for Christmas. I was so thrilled to find some sweet drawings of black girls in the Magic Cabin catalog. I also discovered some very cool adhesive scrapbook paper at Target. It comes in small pads with about four coordinating designs. Using crafty hole punches I was able to make assorted stickers. Also, no wrinkling!

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Anonymous said...

You are so talented! That's a great idea.