Friday, August 26, 2011

Nursery Nook Banner

Banner In Nursery Nook
Here is my version of the Pinterest found inspiration banner.

It's a little too high up. I guess I was thinking that since it's just paper, I didn't want the kiddo to rip it, but now I realize that, well, babies don't stand for quite a while. By the time she can stand she might have her own room. We'll see how much of a nesting instinct kicks in. Right now, it's too high, but liveable. Who knows if I will get OCD and move it down later on.

 The paper letters are actually a sweet embossed lacy scrapbook paper and are secured with foam poster mounting tabs. I used Word to find the right font and size the letters. I printed them in "outline" style to save ink and used them as a pattern on my scrapbook paper.

The east coast earthquake and aftershocks really have me thinking. Earthquakes in CA are much easier to take because we are experienced, (no running in the street!!)  better prepared and for the most part our buildings are on rollers. Still, it's going to be a whole new ball game with a wee one. I was so happy to find an idea that was safe and sweet, temporary and cheap!


Sarah said...

Jack slept in our room for 8 weeks. Sammi slept in our room for almost 4 months I think. It really is just easier at first. The only reason I ended up moving them out is because they started sleeping through the night without eating and all of their little noises at night kept waking me up anyway. So with them in their own rooms I am able to actually sleep through myself!

As far as the earthquake stuff, well, it's only the beginning of what I lovingly call "OMG SOMETHING IS GOING TO KILL THE BABY!" disease! You will be amazed at all the things that are "GOING TO KILL THE BABY!" :-) (My current neurosis involves things she might lick off the floor.)

HollyLynne said...

So beautiful! Love it . . . and I saw your photos on Flickr and I love it even more now that I see your inspiration was Cinderella :)

littlemissmk said...

SO cute. man, ARE those the cinderella birds flying the banner in? ;)