Sunday, August 28, 2011

More Nursery Nook Inspiration

Imogen's nursery corner was the post that probably got me thinking "nook" instead of  full nursery.

For right now, a corner of our room is so much more practical than a full blown nursery. I am  comfortable with that decision. However, I am not above drooling over the beautiful nurseries all over blogland.  So I found the above picture from The Happy Home very inspirational. It showed me that you can do a lot with a small space and make it charming.

How sweet is this branch turned clothes rack?

Our space is actually much bigger. We are blessed with a huge master bedroom in our new apartment. Our bedroom entry actually creates quite a large nook at the front of the room. We have a full size crib, a big dresser and a small scale rocking chair all in that space. In addition, our bathroom boasts a long counter that is perfect for a changing station.

When all the furniture was in place, I saw just the right space for my own darling branch rack. But, where in LA would I find just the right branch lying around?

I thought about this for a few days. Wondered who had trees I could trim. Thought about going to a florist. Then just as I was getting ready to walk around the neighborhood in search of a branch, what did I spy?
The Perfect Stick
The perfect dead branch just sticking out of a plant...just feet from my door! Eureka!

It took an hour to scrape off all the bark. A trim and some spray paint and we were in business!
I painted a bit of scrap wood to match my walls. Then I screwed that wood into studs on the wall and screwed the branch into the scrap. This made it secure and gave an extra inch or so for the hangers to fit properly.

My mother in law sent me the hangers. They were Cliff's when he was a baby! Love them! My mother knit the sweater back when I was in college. I guess she was dreaming of grandchildren then. She only had to wait about 20 years more! Sorry mom!  I received the blue bird in The Sweet Goodness Swaps French swap and I have always adored it.

Clothes Branch
The whole thing fits rather neatly between the door and the crib.
Scrap wood, and branch - free! Spray paint $2. Squeal!


The Amusing Redhead said...

This is darling Jane. I love natural elements.

littlemissmk said...

adorable! i too think the natural elements- the branch and birds (awesome use for them btw!) look soooo cute!