Sunday, August 17, 2008

"Window " Dressing

Kitchen Curtains from Living Room

Today is Nester's Window Mistreatment Party. I posted a few of my other "mistreatments" before, but today I decided to share my favorite decorating decision. Anybody can make granite and crown molding look nice, but transforming a "modern in 1982" apartment takes some creativity.

To prove my dedication to the Mistreatment Club, I took the curtains down just for a moment to share the ugly truth known as "before."

While I love how my kitchen opens to the rest of the apartment. I didn't love just how open it all was. Who wants to be in the sitting area gazing at the back of my toaster oven. I have kitchen clutter people!

What I wanted to create was a small window.

Ikea to the rescue! I got some Ikea curtains and hemmed them with iron on hem tape. I bought two five buck cafe rods and stretched them as far as I could. This way I could get super close to the ceiling. I have camouflaged the back of my kitchen counter. Another perk is that it hides both my dust buster and my vacuum.

Hiding behind the curtains

It also created a "visual wall" for the hanging basket which doesn't always look this coordinated.

My favorite part is the ball fringe on the "valence" part. That fabric is part of the hem on these curtains! I used safety pins to rig "rings" for the curtain rod.

For more can do decorating inspiration, check out The Nesting Place.


Annie said...

Clever idea! It does look better!

Angela said...

What a fantastic idea! Looks terrific :)

Bonita said...

I love this ingenious idea! It softens the whole room up so nicely. Well done!

The Nester said...


Yes, anyone can make granite and tile or whatever look fantastic but it takes a very creative person to think up this!

well done!

Screaming Meme said...

You are so clever! I think you did a great job! You clever little thing you! I love it! The white is so soothing...Screaming Meme

Lucy said...

You come up with the best creative solutions, Jane! Love the look of the curtains :)

Debbie @ said...

Wow, what a great idea. I love what you have done, and boy what a difference. That was a clever idea and one I am sure you are
glad to create. Enjoyed your blog, great ideas!
Blessings, Debbie
PS Thanks for your kind comments on my blog!

Jo - To a Pretty Life said...

Very nice! What a great idea!

The Berry's Patch said...

Great idea for apartment living. I had this same problem when I lived in an apartment. Good job!

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Love Ikea--great camo job, too!

~ Sarah

Meghan said...

Nicely done.

Nichole said...

Ugh, I'm with you on apartment decorating! It's a hard one!! Great idea!

new every morning said...

Girl, I'd much rather see some creativity like this than someone who just spent thousands of $$ on granite.
Great idea!!!
It looks awesome!

His Doorkeeper said...

Very creative! I love your old red cannisters!

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

Wow--that really changes the look of your apartment! Very soft and pretty. Love the shelves in your kitchen!

sarah @ a beach cottage said...

great idea, looks so much nicer

enjoy the mistreatment party

Twice as Nice said...

This really is thinking outside the box! Mistreatments don't always have to be on a window. Great job.

Handi Dandi Mandi said...

The curtains made such a difference! It's a little window to the world now. I have my toaster oven in a place where you 'stare' at the back of it too, i always want to find a new home for it.....simply inspiring!

Jessica said...

I can't believe how great this curtain worked! It looks great!

rohit said...

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i liked your blog
you are fantastic!!!

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fabulous fantastic
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Katie @ 3 Blondes and a Redhead said...

Great idea!

Elle said...

Wow, that makes a super huge difference. Awesome!

Tiffanie said...

Very creative. Looks great!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Kraft Mac and Cheese with A-1 sounds interesting, though the thought of eating a whole box makes me queasy. Maybe I'll test the waters with a bowl for lunch.

Fahrenheit 350° said...

I found you on Today's Creative Blog - so darling... but how did you wrap that fridge?