Sunday, August 3, 2008

Showers of Happiness

I'm happy to report that I had time to sew this weekend! It really is my stress reliever of choice.


This is part of my shower gift for my cousin. Her bridesmaids dresses are brown and some of the kitchen stuff she registered for is that Martha Stewart at Macy's turquise-y blue. Also, grandmother (who passed many years ago) loved butterflies. In some small way it's like I am sending a bit of her spirit to the shower.

I used the pattern from Simple Gifts to Stitch. I had it on my list to try for a while now. While it is very easy to make, it's not my favorite apron pattern because it runs a bit big for me. For my own use, I prefer the Lotta Jansdotter apron which fits my shorter stature to a tee. However, my cousin is more vertically gifted than I. I think it will be perfect for her.

Borrowing from the Lotta pattern, I made this apron reversible. I find that quite useful when you have something splattery, you can use the plain side and save the pretty side! Also, I like the contrast ties.

I don't go to too many bridal showers anymore, but I think an apron and a cookbook is going to be my standard gift in the future. I received a few cookbooks for my shower and in the past five years I have whittled the collection to a few gems that will fit on just one small shelf. (Apartment living!)

Here are my two favorites!

How to Cook Everything is one that I used a lot that first year and now I use it as a reference for tweaking things. It really has (almost) everything. (I did discover that pomegranate recipes are missing when the Nutrition Network sent a load of pomegranates to our school.) The best part of this book is that at the end of the recipes there is a list of substitutions that can be added or exchanged.

Applehood & Motherpie
- I grew up in Rochester, NY and this is their Jr League cookbook. I grew up with these recipes as did Cliff. I was thrilled when his parents gifted me with my own copy! This one is in it's 13th printing. It's good- really good. This is my go to book for company food. This book has a 5 star rating on Amazon and it is well deserved!

What is your favorite cookbook?


Meredith said...

LOVE that pattern and print! No wonder you enjoy sewing so much...

Nutsy Coco said...

I love that apron! The fabric is great and I love the contrasting turquoise.

I don't have a favorite cookbook right now. I don't have anywhere near my kitchen to keep cookbooks so I usually hit the 'net for recipes. Well, I guess that's not true. My favorite cookbook is the 3-ring binder I have that's a compilation of my favorite recipes. Always sits on top of the microwave.

Nutsy Coco said...

Oh, and I think the apron and cookbook are great ideas for a shower gift! I've been living on my own for a long time and have my kitchen all set up, but it's a gift I'd appreciate :)

Sarah and Jack said...

I love rachel ray's 365. It really is my go to cookbook, but she can be rather, well controversial? Either you love her or you hate her methinks.

Lucy said...

I have the How To Cook Everything book and haven't used it that much, but then again, I haven't cooked much I do love the local church cook books or fund raising books and tend to buy them all the time.

Another fav is a book I picked up in Charleston called Charleston Repeats and given to me by my Mom, Start With Appetizers. I'm a simple gal so I don't go for the fancy books :)

Rebecca said...

Great job! And such a thoughtful gift. I will have to try those two patterns, I have both books. Now if I just had more gumption to sew! I still have that weird phobia LOL

I have tons of cookbooks but don't use them too often but I have to say that a good one is Betty Crocker's Best Baking. Very plain and simple and I've made tons of the recipes for breads, cakes and cookies over the years. The pages are gobbed with batter to prove it!