Sunday, July 13, 2008

Random Odds & Ends

I was at Staples this weekend subsidizing the Los Angeles Unified School District. (Thank goodness for their back to school sales.) When what to my wondering eyes did I spy? A giant clip dispenser! Have you seen this at Staples? Clip heaven I tell you!
Clip Heaven

Better than candy!

Summer Salt & Pepper Shakers

I finally got my salt and peppers switched out from Easter. You may remember that Easter came early this year. It's been a busy spring. Anywhoo, here is a summer assortment. This week I think my favorites are ice cream cones. They are very unique and made of metal and glass.

July 011

Here are some more salt and peppers. July 3 was our fifth anniversary and some of my many Bride and Groom salt and peppers came out to celebrate with us. Five years ago we had a wedding couple on every table and it was one of my favorite things. It was fun to collect them, it was fun to personalize my wedding and it is fun to relive the memories with them.

Quick Kitchen Art
A few weeks ago I ordered these vintage chocolate molds from Rebecca's Goodness Shop. The frame was a quarter at the thrift. I look forward to switching out the background and molds with the holidays.

july 037

Speaking of Rebecca, she has won the vintage wrapping paper pack!

How was your weekend?


Genny said...

I love those chocolate molds. So cute!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the chocolate molds! Is that fabric behind them? I have some old cookie cutters that belonged to my grandmother I wanted to display similarly in my kitchen. How did you attach them to your frame?

Also, all your furnishings I've seen thus far are super cute!

jodi said...

I love the salt and pepper shakers. What a great idea to use them for a wedding reception.

Rebecca said...

OMG Where have I BEEN?? I won? For real? I never win anything (don't we always say that LOL)

And I LOVE what you did with the chocolate molds!