Monday, July 7, 2008

Love the One You'r e With

There's my Scion parked next to her boyfriend, Cliff's Tercel. I have blogged before about my devotion to The Little Scion that Could and during this gas crisis, our passion has only grown. I can still fill all the way up for just under $50!

My Little Scion is dating a much older man. The Tercel is 10 years her senior. Another Hollywood stereotype, I know. Sure the Tercel has been around the block a few times. (Actually, he's been all around the USA.) Still he maintains his boyish charm.

Check out the millage baby...

Only 72,491 miles in 15 years! With a complete tune up and some extra work from our friend in the OC, he's running like a young pup.

But, there is this embarrassing sun damage.

No amount of Botox was going to fix these nasty tears. A full on face lift was needed.

After the pink kitchen, Cliff thinks I can make just about anything and he asked me to make him some sort of seat covers. While a big departure from the knotted handbags I normally sew, I decided to take up the challenge. Rather I added it to my "someday" list of things to make or sew and got busy wallpapering the fridge.

Then one day I was at Big Lots and saw a disposable seat cover similar to this one. From the description on the package it seemed to contain a slightly fitted and elasticized seat cover. It was six bucks, but I figured I could use it as a pattern.

Worst six bucks I ever spent. What I actually got was a large paper rectangle with a hood on one end.

My annoyance motivated me! I was determined now to get going on this and went downtown to get some $2 pound fabric at The Loft. I found about ten pounds of great fabric for knotted handbags and some gray stretch corduroy to make the seat covers. I also bought two large towels. The Tercel is a hot blooded man and has no AC. In LA, one might need some extra absorbency in such a car.

First I sewed the towel to a long rectangle of corduroy. This made a rectangle with a pocket on the end, much like the bogus paper seat cover. Then I turned it inside out and went down to the garage. Armed with a bunch of pins, I pinned the cover to take the shape of the seat. I had seen this done quite a few times on Trading Spaces and I am here to say it really does work... sort of.
Sunshine on the Seat Covers

I am not nearly as accurate or skilled as Hildi.
But then again, I would never put straw on any one's walls. So, props to me.

Elastic Pouch on Seat Cover
I added a map pocket to the back of one seat and voila! We have seat covers!
Car Seat Covers


Sarah and Jack said...

Excellent work!

The Hildi bit made me laugh. That woman is crazy with a capital C.

jar said...

Very nice. You can do anything!!

Christy said...

Definitely, props to you! I think they look great. :)

HollyLynne said...

neat trick!!! i envy your loft visit, i haven't made it out there in forever!

my desk, btw, was from the acs shop in sherman oaks . . . VERY close to the ross!! On Van Nuys Blvd just north of ventura behind the big In-N-Out . . . just follow the smell of grilled onions! :) (also, in the same mini mall, there's an AWESOME bead shop!)

HollyLynne said...

i said ross . . . i meant JOANN. Very close to our Joann on Riverside :)

Genny said...

That is so great! Good for you. Wish I could sew.

Vader's Mom said...

Wow. I'm so impressed!