Friday, November 26, 2010

My New Sewing Machine

Crafting Nook Open
Last Black Friday I saw the sewing machine sales at Joanne's and really wanted to upgrade. I had just paid $80 for a cleaning and servicing of my old machine and didn't feel that I could turn around and get a new one pretty much the next day. So, I decided that if I was still wanting a new machine on Black Friday the next year, I would treat myself no matter what.

I don't like to be oversold. If what I need works, I stick with it. I was using this portable black and white TV (happily!) until TV went digital and so any color TV is awesome. (And, I must say, I Love Lucy looked just as good on the old retro set.) However, lately my sewing skills were surpassing my sewing machine's capabilities.

The ladies at Joanne's were very nice when I had to turn down the $279 Viking Machine in favor of a more reasonably sale priced Singer Curvy.

I have no doubt that the Vikings are better and a terrific value etc... but the  Curvy has attachments like a ruffle foot and a walking foot (sold separately) and will be a major step up for me anyway.

The old TV set was recently dropped off at Goodwill for recycling and the sewing machine might go to school for craft club.

It's a new day for this stick in the mud!


jodi said...

Congrats on the new machine. My Kenmore is 28 years old. Hope that it lasts a few more years.

Jane said...

Thanks, Jodi. I am sure they made things better 28 years ago. Seems like today you have to buy the top of the line if you want something that lasts a long time.

littlemissmk said...

yay for you jane! i know its so pricey to get your machine serviced (i NEED to do this!) that its so tempting to just buy a new one! my abilities have not surpassed the abilities of my machine so, sadly, i cannot justify buying a new one. your craft kids will LOVE playing around on your old machine- i think sewing is a lost art so its awesome that you are introducing them to it! :)

Christy said...

Yippee! Looks like a great machine Jane. Have fun with it. :)