Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Five Dollar Challenge- Kids Craft! Easy Mini Easter Baskets

Mini Easter Baskets from Peat Pots
It's two for one today! While in the 99 Cents Only store, I happened upon these cute little peat pots.
Peat Pots
Since I am not a gardener, I was not familiar with these babies. So much goodness for so little money! I have 30 students this year, so this was a jackpot! We could make an entire class craft for just about $4! Makes my heart sing!

Supplies: Peat pots, each basket uses 1 1/2 peat pots, hole puncher, brads, craft paint, Easter grass, any other embellishments you like. I used some curling ribbon. I also used a hot glue gun on one of the baskets.

Step one: The Handle
I think pipe cleaners would also make great handles, but I didn't have any. So, I improvised and cut an inch rim off a peat pot and used it as a handle. Then I used the hole puncher to make holes for the handle and on each side of the basket. Just for fun, I used scallop craft scissors for one of the handles.
Handle Cut from Peat Pot

Step two: Paint your pot and handle. I used regular acrylic craft paint. At school I will use regular tempera school paint. Allow it to dry for a while. These pots are really absorbent and they take a while to dry. It would be fun to embellish these with stickers, tissue paper flowers, quilled flowers-anything really.
Brads Vs. Hot Glue for Handles

Step three: Attach the handle. My students will be using paper brads to attach their handles. I decided I liked the skinny little rim that I had cut off one pot and hot glued that as a handle.

Step four: Fill with grass and candy!
Peat Pot Easter Basket Place Marker
Since these are so easy and so economical it would be fun for kids to make one for each place setting. I remember once I made school ice cream stick Pilgrims for our Thanksgiving place markers. I felt so important contributing to the holiday table.

Cost break down:
16 peat pots - 0.9999 (Yes, that is how 99 Cents Only prices things!)
curling ribbon- Stash-I had it at home, but I got it at the 99 Cents Only a while back
Easter Grass- ditto
paint- stash
brads and hot glue- stash

When I make these with my class on Friday I will buy two more packs of peat pots, grass and jelly beans for a grand total of $4! Whoo Hoo!

Now the real question is: How much will I spend at the dollar store after visiting all of the other challenge participants???


Mama Thompson said...

Such a great idea with those...I have some left over (I do garden:) and those would make super cute little gifts for Lil D's friends...thanks for sharing!!!

Nutsy Coco said...

Those are really cute and super thrifty!

Sarah @ Dream In Domestic said...

These are so cute! I'm glad that you point out that it's a kid's craft!

Stephanie Lynn said...

My goodnes - these are so cute! Love using them as placecards for an Easter table!

Roxanne said...

I really like these! SO CUTE! Thanks for sharing!

Jaclyn said...

What a great idea! Very cute!

The Thriftress said...

Those look so cute painted up for Easter!

Jess @ Just a Blink said...

No kidding about going back to the dollar store after seeing everyone's $5 challenge entries!

So many great ideas, including this one!

Anonymous said...

wow that is a good idea!! i wanted to do baskets just for my kids but they ended up getting all the candy early... so much for a tradition ;)