Sunday, August 30, 2009

Time for a Change & Drapery Dilema

Can you call them "drapes" when they are just yardage sewn across the top Nester style?

New Curtains
I have been itching for a change. My feng shui days have taught me to move my stuff when I feel stuck and I have surely felt stuck this summer.

I have done a whole bunch of cleaning and organizing. But the fun stuff that's what I will be sharing in the next few days!

I made new curtains. They are not perfect for sure, but I am very happy with them.

The center panel is a drop cloth. They have been all over the blog world and with good reason. They look great! Someday when I have a house, I am going to do a whole room with drop cloth drapes. It really is just the easiest, most affordable way to get curtains in a long length.

The rest is some $2 a yard yardage from the Michael Levines Home Store downtown. It looks pretty substantial in this picture because it was taken at night. But the fabric is actually quite transparent and thin. During the day they kinda glow with the sunlight coming through. I really like the change from the heavy velvet of yesterday. So light and airy. I was really needing light and airy.

There are vertical blinds behind them, but I was still a bit worried about fading. Fading started to really take it's toll on my old velvet curtains.

What an internal debat! Sew blackouts? Hang something behind the curtains? Or maybe I should just enjoy them and not worry about the fabric too much? When they fade in a few years I can always make new.

In true DYI style I found a cheapskate way to solve my problem! Tune in tomorrow when I share my "trash to treasure" black out curtains!


Nutsy Coco said...

Pretty! Aren't little changes like drapes so refreshing?

Jennifer said...

They look nice! I love the colors together. Can't wait to see what else you've got to show us!